EmiSwap on Polygon: Save Transaction Fees While Earning 365% Per Year

Introducing EmiSwap on Polygon

EmiSwap, a cross-chain and audited AMM DEX with High APR, announced the integration of the platform with Polygon, the leading platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. One aspect of the integration is the release of a 365% APR airdrop campaign for Polygon liquidity provider on EmiSwap, for 365 days!

Built on a multi-project driver DAO system, EmiSwap ensures cross-chain interoperability, distributes DEX fees, and offers liquidity providers who cross TVL milestones yield-boosting NFT magic cards of high value. EmiSwap aims to be equitable to all parties who use the ecosystem and delivers a meaningful and lucrative mechanism to allow users to make money every time they use the system. 

Why Integrate Polygon?

EmiSwap will use Polygon’s full-stack Ethereum scaling solutions to provide its users with a superior experience that includes reduced gas fees and high speeds, allowing for superfast and almost free swaps. This is made possible thanks to Polygon’s near-zero fees. Polygon also has a large global user base and hosts some of Ethereum’s most popular DeFi dApps while leveraging the Ethereum blockchain for security and enhancing cross-chain interactions!

“EmiSwap will be working along with Polygon for bringing reliable solutions to market because it introduces tons of new value-adding as well as value innovative services for our customers. EmiSwap now allows users to Swap and Provide Liquidity on Polygon with fast and nearly free transactions thanks to this integration. This is the next step in the building of a multichain decentralized platform”

  • EmiSwap’s Founder, Greg Mars

Why should LPs get involved? (Perks for LPs)

  • The prime benefit is the 365 percent APR airdrop, which allows users to get LP tokens in exchange for supplying liquidity in a pair. Those who join the farming pools with the ESW pair and LP tokens can access a 365 percent APR airdrop along with a 1% farming APR and 0.25 percent of the platform fees for token swappers. The 365 percent APR Airdrop is set to be distributed three months after the withdrawal or after the end of the campaign.
  • The users can provide liquidity in a pool by utilizing the ESW token like the USDT/ESW and get an APR of 180% along with 0.25 percent of the fee charged for token swaps. Post three months of the end of the campaign or the withdrawal of investments, the APR Airdrop of 180% will be provided.
  • The XXX percent APR farming pool is set to debut on November 23rd. Users may supply liquidity, stake LP tokens in farming pools, and gain substantial APR incentives DAILY along with 0.25 percent of swappers’ premiums paid to the DEX.

Referral Program

Both 365 percent and 180 percent of Airdrops are eligible for the EmiSwap Referral Program. The participants earn a proportion of the incentives for those users whom they introduce to the EmiSwap platform on three different levels.

  • Level 1: USER1 will get 7 percent as a reward if they introduce a USER2 using a referral link.
  • Level 2: USER1 will get 5 percent of the USER2’s rewards if USER2 recommends USER3.
  • Level 3:  USER1 will receive 3 percent incentives of USER3 if he or she invites USER4.

Features of EmiSwap

Features of EmiSwapA- EmiSwap, a full-featured AMM DEX, can be used by the users for exchanging, staking, farming, pooling and migrating liquidity.

EmiSwap ImageB- Users can make around 1359% APR with farming and withdraw rewards at any time.

EmiSwap Latest ImageC- Users have up to 3 blockchains like Ethereum, KuCoin, and Polygon on EmiSwap, with more to be introduced (Binance SmartChain, NEAR Protocol, and AVAX).

Magic HallD-Users will find the NFT “magic cards” in the Magic Hall. They c.an earn these by providing liquidity and crossing TVL milestones.

View EmiSwapE- View EmiSwap’s analytics page to see TVL and transactions made on the DEX.

ESW TokenF- A robust Wiki that includes details for utilizing the DEX and navigating any difficulty. It is recommended for any crypto newbie!

Why is Polygon Unique?

Polygon’s expanding product line provides simple access to all key scaling and infrastructure solutions, including L2 solutions (ZK Rollups and Optimistic Rollups), sidechains, stand-alone, hybrid solutions and enterprise chains, data availability solutions, and more. The scaling solutions of Polygon are witnessing widespread adoption with  60 million unique users, over 600 million total transactions, 1200+ apps hosted, and $5 billion in assets protected.

About EmiSwap AMM DEX

EmiSwap allows users to earn a high % APR every day through liquidity mining and farming on Ethereum, Kucoin, and Polygon while distributing 0.05 % of the exchange volume to ESW token holders and 0.25% to Liquidity Providers. Audited by Hacken and BluSwarm, EmiSwap introduces new farming pools, modifies APR, and distributes rewards to LPs.

Go to EmiSwap now, choose Polygon, and provide liquidity to win!


To learn more about the EmiSwap AMM DEX, visit their:

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