Empowering kids: Open campus, TinyTap & CodeGreen’s climate education

An incredible partnership between CodeGreen, Open Campus, and TinyTap is working to raise awareness about climate change among children. This innovative collaboration aims to give the next generation of kids the power they need to tackle important environmental issues such as desertification, land degradation, drought, climate change, and sustainability.

The joint effort to develop an engaging and educational course for the TinyTap platform is at the heart of this collaboration. In order to support the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), CodeGreen’s game HEALV3RSE, which features engrossing stories and characters, will be central to this course. Players can embark on an exciting journey while simultaneously learning about the urgent issues of desertification, land degradation, drought, and climate change thanks to the HEALV3RSE game, which immerses them in a metaverse experience.

The main goal of this collaboration is to make more people aware of each other’s activities. Open Campus and CodeGreen have come together to spread knowledge about climate change among a wider audience. As part of their joint venture, Open Campus will be providing special NFTs, which include HEALV3RSE avatars as prizes. These digital collectibles are intended not only as a token of appreciation for the active members of the Open Campus community but also to motivate them to take climate action initiatives actively.

Open Campus is an essential part of this partnership, as it provides a tailor-made protocol that engages educators, content creators, parents, and students. It allows the creation of customized learning materials for educators and students while also recognizing and rewarding outstanding educators and content creators worldwide. Open Campus creates an atmosphere of collaboration between all parties to create successful global educators.

The upcoming educational project will involve incorporating the engaging characters and plot of HEALV3RSE into an instruction program that can be accessed on both TinyTap and Open Campus Labs. Open Campus Labs is a content platform from Open Campus that offers students access to different educational topics, along with the chance to acquire POAP collectible rewards.

TinyTap has been successful in engaging over 10 million families around the world. The HEALV3RSE game is its latest endeavor to provide young learners with information that helps them become responsible citizens of the planet. In this game, children explore five different realms: Fire, Water, Animal, Air, and Earth. Their mission is to complete missions and collect crystals from each one of these realms while learning about climate change, sustainable living, and environmental protection through an interactive experience. 

The upcoming course on the TinyTap platform will also incorporate similar themes for further understanding. This fascinating course is currently being developed, and its creators are eager to offer it to learners all over the world.

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