EMURGO joins hands with Huawei Cloud for Cardano Network expansion

EMURGO, a business that leads the way in Web3 adoption on the Cardano blockchain, has forged a strategic alliance with Huawei Cloud. By doing this, it hopes to strengthen the Cardano network by installing a Cardano Validator Node on the robust infrastructure of Huawei Cloud. Consequently, further growth and faster web3 acceptance in the Asia Pacific and Africa areas will come from EMURGO, a key partner, incorporating Huawei Cloud’s robust cloud computing capabilities into the open-source Cardano and other decentralized blockchain ecosystems.

Huawei Cloud is one of the world’s largest cloud computing providers, as well as a worldwide recognized cloud service brand within the technological giant Huawei. This agreement will provide Cardano blockchain developers with access to a variety of Huawei Cloud features, including its worldwide network and processing capacity, which will be useful for developing unique web3 solutions that can scale larger and integrate more effectively. Furthermore, this would allow Cardano’s Web3 capabilities to be featured on Huawei Marketplace, which is used by many top organizations, extending its reach.

It follows that further collaboration between EMURGO and Huawei to develop the Cardano ecosystem inside significant regional economies around Asia Pacific and Africa is still in its early stages.

Ken Kodama, CEO of EMURGO, expressed his satisfaction with the agreement and his eagerness to collaborate with Huawei Cloud, which is well-known around the world for its superior cloud solution offerings. Additionally, he stated that by fusing reliable cloud technology from our partner, Huawei, with the highly decentralized nature of our blockchain network, developers’ community sourcing solutions, and eb3 applications, they have successfully brought together two worlds. None of these things would have been possible without establishing concepts of transparency and trust regarding data exchanges across connected devices as well as IoT (Internet of Things) services that rely on them within the framework of the cloud ecosystem. The company also looks forward to collaborating closely with HUAWEI CLOUD to drive mutual growth in Asia Pacific.

Rex Lei Yang, Managing Director of Huawei Cloud Singapore, stated that they are continually striving to improve themselves and remain the leading figure in today’s cloud world. As a result, collaborating with EMURGO is extremely exciting because we will be able to access a large network of Web3 developers as well as other solutions created around the Cardano blockchain. Eventually, the company’s Web3 services will rely on this agreement to propel them into the future of our business.

With over 3,000 stake pools or validators providing liquidity and staking for millions of ADA holders, EMURGO was one of the founding entities behind the Cardano blockchain, one of the most decentralized blockchains in existence. Through EMURGO Africa, its regional arm, and the Cardano accelerator, Adaverse, EMURGO has established a strong presence throughout Africa, and it is still expanding throughout Asia-Pacific beyond its current operations in Singapore, Indonesia, India, and Japan. On Cardano, the nodes (or stake pools) take part in permissionless network security.

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