Enhanced Liquidity with Equilibrium & StaFi Integration

With the partnership of Equilibrium and StaFi, the users will enjoy the perks of borrowing more assets that they can stake to StaFi against the reward tokens or rTokens. They can even lend the rTokens and earn on the interest that they receive from staking. It will bring more liquidity to rTokens and StaFi, which will propel integration with Equilibrium in future projects.


The partnership between Equilibrium and StaFi, which took place earlier this month, has turned out a splendid bonus for users as they can now maintain liquidity on their portfolio with the newly minted EQ tokens, ready for claiming. Users can now stake with StaFi and receive rTokens by trading the locked EQ tokens. Users will be able to stake the EQ tokens once they become transferable.

EquilibriumDeFi, a cross-chain lending platform, will integrate the rTokens by StaFi. DeFi protocol StaFi and Equilibrium have come together to make their assets and networks more compatible. The DeFi protocol StaFi protocol or staking finance, built to unlock staked assets’ liquidity and is built on Polkadot technology, like Equilibrium. Equilibrium will add the rTokens by StaFi to its platform for lending. The staking platform that StaFi provides will incorporate the EQ token made by Equilibrium. Equilibrium is a cross-chain money market for decentralized trading with possibilities of pooled lending and asset generation. Equilibrium does not stop here. Equilibrium is also working on another platform, based on Polkadot.

Equilibrium will become an even better money market and be able to support more assets in the market. Users can increase their rToken holdings through pooled lending. It will enable them to have more passive income. As the market sees some momentum and loans become more guaranteed, bailsmen will be able to buy the loans providing necessary liquidity into the money market ecosystem by using the rTokens. Users will also be able to borrow other assets, staking with their rTokens. When interests fall below the staking rewards, users will likely borrow crypto assets against rTokens holdings. They will have more assets than they will be able to stake into the system, which will increase their passive rewards.

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