Enigma Delays “Discovery Protocol” Launch To Change Its Strategies


A completely devoted to secure computation and decentralized privacy solutions provider, Enigma has disclosed on 20th September that it will be delaying the launch of the Discovery Protocol to a later date which has not been determined so far.

Based on the original timeline, it is expected to introduce Discovery working on the Ethereum Network by the end of the Q3, but this has been revisited due to certain reasons. However, the team does not see the fixed date especially for aligning with the current progress made or else interest of entire stakeholders for the time being.

With this, the team divulged that their main aim will revolve and support the entire Enigma ecosystem enabling secret contracts as well as “upcoming new partners between now and a MainNet launch.”

Further speaking to the subject matter, the certain arguments were made in order to know the sudden push in roadmaps was necessary which are clearly evident through the following reasons:

# Enhancing the number of functionalities as compared to the original plans
# Making sure that Enigma’s timeline in line with that of its partners
# Promising that everything is ready to go prior to launching

Additionally, the team confirms this step as taking further responsibility to ensure that long-term goals are prioritized over risks involved and short-term success that has sprawled along the way.

As per the valid source of Coin Desk, it approached the team to get a better understanding of the unexpected changes and Enigma’s head of Growth and Marketing. Amid this, Tor Bair kindly responded towards the matter saying that “a delayed launch does not signify the loss of track or confusion, but “an acceleration towards the primary mission,” which he sees as eventually resulting in “a healthier, larger ecosystem sooner.”

Further elaborating to the subject matter, Bair profusely stated the same argument that the Medium post disclosed in terms of preparedness and readiness. While speaking on behalf of Enigma, Bair confirms that the firm has “no intention of shipping something without having immediate adoption and that it is important to “minimize risks for projects” that will depend on their platform.”

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