Enigma Upgrades Ambassadors Program; Renames it as Enigma Collective

Enigma Project recently announced an upgrade for its existing Ambassadors program. Since its inception, the Enigma project has been leading and contributing to dozens of projects on a volunteer basis.

With ambassadors at the core, the Enigma community has been trying to build a more sustainable and decentralized future. Presently, Enigma ambassadors are present in 15 different countries making it a global project. The collective efforts of all the ambassadors have brought up the Enigma Collective. The Enigma Collective is basically a restructuring of Enigma’s current Ambassador program.

What is Enigma?

Enigma is a shared blockchain protocol that works collectively with their ambassadors to store, run and calculate data while making the information completely private. Enigma uses an extra blockchain as a regulator of the network that manages the identity and keeps the log event unalterable. Like Bitcoin, Enigma does not need any third-party intervention for the transfer of funds and enables free control on the personal data.

On the Enigma network, data can be distributed with cryptographic assurances for privacy. Blockchain is a revolutionary technology and is finding its adoption in new industries now and then, but it is still held back by some fundamental limitations. The Enigma protocol focuses on removing such restrictions with its decentralized application and making it a truly global technology. Presently, they are engaged in developing a purely decentralized web.

Enigma grabbed the attention of the people following the crypto news in 2015 when it released its beta testing platform. The firm has been supported by some of the big names of the industry like Converge, Digital Currency Group, MIT and Floodgate. The project has its inspiration from Bitcoin and is named after the Enigma engine utilized in World War II.

The fact that makes the Enigma platform outstanding is that any sale or purchase of data made is paid on its blockchain. Usually, any other cryptocurrency blockchain deals with transactions, but Enigma keeps itself unique by dealing with data.

Most importantly Enigma provides a marketplace for its user that gives all kind of information about the market, strategic options and bots through an app which they call Catalyst application. This application helps the user to create market strategies based on the data available and sell the information in the marketplace.

The platform is working hard with a focus to create a one-stop solution for the developers who are interested in creating trading strategies for the growing crypto market. Developers can use a myriad of data available on the platform to develop their data models and backtest them.

Roxanne Williams

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