Enjin: An All-in-one Blockchain Gaming Project Giant

Founded in 2009, Enjin is an all-in-one blockchain gaming development and hosting platform. It is the leading blockchain gaming project that has made its name due to its unbeatable ethics and services. Here you can fund, grow, monetize, and design the digital world in the way you want. The aim of Enjin is to use web hosting services to satiate the growing gaming demands. In its own words, the platform is aiming to bring ‘real-life economies to the virtual world.’ It does so by creating ‘user-first’ blockchain products. These products are designed to offer easy administration, circulation, and incorporation of the blockchain-based assets. By far, it has created 49 million blockchain assets.

What does Enjin offer?

The web hosting service provider for blockchain gamers has a good range of services and features to offer to its users.

The core features: These features involve all the fundamental services, tools, and functions that are required by ‘guild sites.’ These features are offered under a free plan.

The advanced features: Enjin offers these features to make the guild website to offer better user-experience; these features streamline the experience and at the same time, make it more powerful and effective.

The ultimate features: The name tells it all. These features make the guild website to offer the best interface, tools, widgets, and all other supporting elements that can make the gaming experience of the user ultra-smooth.

All the services and features of Enjin are designed for huge gaming communities, thereby meeting the growing demands of the gaming industry.

Sophisticated yet easy to use: The features offered by the platform are sophisticated, but not difficult to adopt. Rather, they are highly customizable. The user-friendly nature of these features makes them suitable for both the budding guild sites as well as the giant ones.

Gamification: This is quite a unique feature of Enjin. With the help of this feature, the users can get experience while earning points when they interact with other users of Enjin. The rewards are customizable in nature.

Native mobile applications: Enjin is native mobile applications for both the iOS and Android platforms for easy content access from both mobile as well as website.

Spam the Spammers: Enjin doesn’t take spamming lightly. If any user is found involved in spamming, then after a few warnings, the user can get expelled out and banned from the platform, if the user continues to participate in spamming.

Social Chat Tool: If this wasn’t enough, the platform backs all of its services with a very active ‘in-game’ client tools service. This tool is helpful in sharing screenshots as well as video snippets to your chosen website and venture into chatting with guild members.

Enjin is seeking for a robust growth:

Enjin doesn’t believe in resting on the laurels. It rather believes in pushing the envelope further. For instance, Enjin Coin (ENJ) price has spiked above the strong resistance levels recently. The coin’s fractal price forecasts predict a 500 percent price shoot up in the near future.

On the other hand, on Feb 6th, Enjin and Chilz ventured into a partnership. The vision behind this partnership was to create ‘branded digital collectibles’ (aka Non-Fungible Tokens). These branded digital collectibles will cater especially to sports and entertainment history. The Enjin blockchain platform will help in minting ETH-based collectibles, which will be tradable on the Enjin marketplace, and purchasable with Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Chiliz (CHZ), reports suggest. On this, the CEO of Enjin, Maxim Blagov, said:

“Earlier this year, we announced a plan to improve and expand the utility of CHZ in 2020 and beyond. We are thrilled to be working with Enjin, the world leader in this space, to bring this to fruition. We will also be launching limited-edition licensed collectibles and tokenizing the club-specific rewards and experiences offered through Socios.com. For example, if one of our partner clubs triumphs in their respective league, we can create unique tokens to celebrate the win, as well as tokens to celebrate player achievements or seasonal football prizes.”


Enjin is a smart gaming platform that closely understands and caters to the needs of the gaming world. The range and high-quality of its services attract all and a stunning future for the company. Market experts see a great potential in the platform’s native coin to be the future backbone of non-fungible tokens. The performance o Enjin since 2009 is self-introductory and only promises a brighter future performance, which will take the crypto sphere to a whole new level.

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