Enjin and the Crypto Rabbit Hole partner for TCG innovation

In order to revolutionize the trillion-dollar trading card game (TCG) market, Blockchain gaming trailblazer Enjin has teamed up with Crypto Rabbit Hole (CxRH), a unique game that combines real and digital trading card aspects.

Crypto Rabbit Hole (CxRH) merges thrills with crypto know-how, easing the way for intimidated individuals to have a better understanding of the concepts surrounding it. This was the need of the hour, with most appearing to be lost in the swirl of the enormous number of Blockchain-based enterprises sprouting up, each with its own set of technical requirements.

The Crypto Rabbit Hole, which combines traditional board games with trading cards, provides significant assistance in this matter.

The game is available in both physical and digital forms and encourages players to better comprehend the variety of confusing factors related to cryptocurrencies. 

CxRH, as a segment of the reintroduced Spark scheme, capitalizes on Enjin’s array of services. The technology behind the Enjin Blockchain facilitates better-connected gameplay for all users. 

George Katsoulis, the founder and creative director of CxRH, has high expectations for the building framework tools, support for independent builders, and the interoperability that Enjin offers. He believes that their identical visions will pave the road for further gaming awareness. He also compliments the Crypto Rabbit Hole, which paves the way for a far more advanced crypto gaming future. 

In the digital version, each card in the Crypto Rabbit Hole takes the shape of an NFT, indicating true ownership. The cards are being listed on NFT.io, Enjin Blockchain’s NFT platform, which allows gamers to trade and sell their cards easily. The genuine ownership component represents the game’s integration of online and tangible gaming functions.


Enjin’s proprietary Discord Bot establishes a connection between the user’s wallet and the project’s Discord server. Possession of specific assets is contingent upon unlocking exclusive channels.

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