Enjin platform and NFT.io positioned live on Canary testnet

Due to the extreme rigidity of the Enjin platform, NFTs are required to construct a proof of concept on a testnet network before being placed on it. In this regard, the Canary test network, as well as the Enjin blockchain were recently released. Numerous users anticipated the introduction of Enjin tools in this secure test environment.

Due to the absence of unused mainnet NFTs, it is more convenient for developers to construct testnets such as Canary. Canary Platform and Canary NFT.io provide access to the testnet variants.

Besides this, developers are able to obtain free testnet ENJ (cENJ) from the Canary Faucet as payment for their transaction fees. This gives them the option of testing without incurring any expenses. It is possible to get cENJ in one’s Enjin Wallet by adding the Canary Matrixchain network to the wallet. With the Enjin platform and NFT.io becoming accessible on Canary, developers are equipped with all the requirements to begin building with Enjin. 

The Enjin Wallet, the cENJ Faucet, the Enjin platform, the API playground, the NFT.io, and the block explorer are some of the tools a developer will need to construct a proof of concept on Canary.

Currently, a few experiments can be carried out on Canary, like in-game NFT drops, in-game NFT utilities,  in-game exp-boosters, and in-game NFT marketplaces.

In the case of players scouring the developer’s universe, they may desire to buy NFTs from their associated scourers. Utilizing the incorporating tools, the developer gets equipped to deliver a total NFT marketplace that will be made available for players to buy NFTs from without having to exit the game.

Trevor Holman

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