ENS Announces the Launch of Multicoin Support on Mainnet

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is the internet naming service, developed with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It has recently declared the launch of multi-coin support on the mainnet. Already 15 wallet partners have been involved in supporting this new feature. This implies clients would now be able to utilize one ENS name for,

  • Majority of the cryptocurrency wallets
  • Security
  • Programmability
  • Benefits of decentralization
  • Control resistance and much more through ENS

ENS Explained

  • Apart from supporting all major cryptocurrencies, ENS can be considered as an important segment for the developing decentralized web.
  • Besides, it is a working answer for the Tor.onion address naming issue. It has a project coming up for operating traditional DNS records.
  • ENS is managed by a non-profit association that revolved around the Ethereum ENS aims to bring a few blockchain advantages to the Internet’s naming framework.
  • To handle the feasibility of updates and support and in unusual conditions to deal with issues with ENS, the ENS root will at first be claimed by a multisig with individuals from the Ethereum developer network as key holders.

ENS Support System

Earlier, ENS for Ethereum addresses had been backed by 12 wallets. Moreover, with the expansion of new wallets resolving to help ENS due to the new multi-coin feature, the sum is currently 24. This bonds ENS’s position as the most recommended blockchain-based naming service with a wider margin.

Here is a list of the Mobile Wallets Supporting ENS:

  • Alpha Wallet
  • Pandax
  • Argent
  • imToken
  • Opera Touch
  • Cipher
  • D’Cent Wallet
  • LETH
  • Status

List of Desktop Wallets supporting ENS:

List of Apps supporting ENS:

  • Aragon
  • Encirca
  • Bitfinex
  • Emoon
  • Enjinx
  • Fabrx
  • Etherscan
  • ETHSimple
  • Kred
  • Mintbase
  • MailChain
  • meVu
  • Multis
  • Portal
  • OpenSea
  • POAP
  • Torque
  • SpiderDEX
  • Swarm
  • Universal Login
  • Totem
  • UniSwap

Official Manager App

Also, the ENS group has launched an early version of the multi-coin support in its official manager application for testing the new multi-coin service. Moreover, the ENS supports all cryptocurrencies in its records on mainnet presently. This is the first version of supporting multi-coin in the manager UI. It supports addresses for BTC, ETH, LTC, and ETC. Besides, the group will be increasing the capability of the UI in the coming weeks.

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