ENS Domains can now be accessed via OVER’s Marketplace as usage of domains continues to skyrocket

While it is true that cryptocurrencies and NFTs get all the headlines, the metaverse has become extremely popular as well. However, a vital aspect which may not be discussed as much is spatial domains. These are an important component of decentralized web and blockchain technology. Instead of relying on centralized institutions like traditional domain registrars, they enable consumers to control and manage their digital identity and assets online with minimal difficulty.

Over the Reality (OVER) has not therefore only made considerable progress in the realm of AR-enabled metaverse technology while also leveraging the capabilities of cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but the platform recently made it known that ENS (Ethereum Name Service) domains are now available via the OVER Marketplace. A new naming system has also been unveiled for the OVER Metaverse, which is the ‘One word DNS’ (Domain Name System).

Are spatial domains really that popular?

The digital spaces or lands which comprise the metaverse are referred to as spatial domains in the context of the metaverse. Digital worlds, VR environments, and AR spaces are examples of these. Moreover, the domains can be used for a variety of things, including commerce, education, and entertainment.

Unstoppable Domains are a prominent example of a successful spatial domain implementation. It is a well-known blockchain naming system and identity platform with over 2.5 million registered NFT domains. This particular platform enables users to create crypto usernames as well as fully decentralized digital identities, along with also allowing them to manage blockchain-based domains. The domains can then be utilized for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to hosting websites, receiving payments in crypto, and, of course, storing digital assets. To date, the startup has reportedly generated over $80 million in sales since launching the platform in 2019. Needless to say, the potential is certainly massive.

ENS domains, which are constructed on the Ethereum blockchain and permit the mapping of human-readable domain names to Ethereum addresses, are another example. Users can interact with dApps and various other blockchain-based services more easily, thanks to the ENS domains. In 2022, the Ethereum Name Service reported more than 2.2 million new registrations. As a result, the service has become the market’s most widely adopted blockchain naming standard. The names registered in 2022 account for roughly 80% of all domains, which is certainly a staggering statistic.

Where does DNS fit in?

DNS refers to the system that converts human-readable domain names into the IP addresses, which computers can then utilize to communicate through the Internet. This is important because as time progresses, more and more people (and their devices) are going to be linked to the Internet, which means that nearly all businesses will probably provide more online-based services in the future.

As this is happening, users will need a reliable and efficient DNS system so that they may seamlessly access all the relevant services they may require. DNS is also useful because it allows businesses to manage and organize their online assets while enabling individuals to build their presence on the Internet.

Is it too late to get involved?

Admittedly, many domains have already been taken which really demonstrate their sheer popularity while also proving that everything really is becoming increasingly digitized. Being the leaders that they are, Over the Reality wants everyone to have the chance of acquiring spatial domains. The aforementioned ‘One word DNS’ will therefore serve as a spatial domain built on the Ethereum Blockchain that enables customers to make a simple to use and easily understandable OVRLand name.

As one of the most important parts of having an online presence is customizability, users may now purchase a name which they feel is an accurate representation of their individual preferences and tastes. This also helps to successfully identify their OVRLand the experiences which would be created on it. So, if building an online presence while also taking advantage of several benefits like advanced security and decentralized store options sounds appealing, then head on over to the OVER Marketplace’s dedicated page to find out more and get started.

Do also check out OVER’s official website for more information and along with the Discord, Twitter, and Telegram channels for regular updates.

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