EOS Blockchain Surprises With a Crypto Reboot of Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird, one of the most popular games to have hit the App Store of the iOS ever, is ready to captivate you with its second spell. This time around, EOS Blockchain has provided the platform to the game instead of the iOS store. A replica of the much-loved game can now be played for free on the EOS Blockchain.

As per the Trybe’s reports, users are eligible for a free trial once every 12 hours. While the leading players can win the game on EOS, the ones holding the FLB tokens of the game are entitled to obtain dividends after every 12-hour duration. However as the game is not currently played on a greater extent, the projected dividends and wins are also quite low.

If we look at current statistics, the version of Flappy Bird game present on blockchain has had a humble start. According to Dapp Rader, 57 users have utilized the platform in the past one week whereas a total of 154 transactions were recorded, the figure approximates to 3 EOS.

The game was first released in May 2013 with an iPhone 5 support, and it was later updated in September 2013 for iOS 7. It was only in January 2014 that it became a rage by topping the charts of the Free Apps on App Stores. Later in the same month, the game earned the title of the “Most Downloaded App” on the iOS App Store under the Free-App category. January 2014 also saw the release of the game’s Android version.

But even after garnering such massive success as well as revenue, the game’s developer Dong Nguyen decided to pull back the game from all the platforms. The reason behind him taking this decision was his discomfort & guilt about the fact that Flappy Bird had become addictive. Reports also had him accept that he had developed sleeping issues due to this guilt which he could overcome only after discontinuing the game.

Although Flappy Bird has now released on EOS, who introduced & implemented it on blockchain stays a mystery. It is also unknown if blockchain can add to the performance of such games at all. But one thing is pretty much clear that with blockchain’s continued expansion, we can expect more games are making their debut on the secured technology platform in the future.

Trevor Holman

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