EOS Cafe Block Launches Bloks.io Tip Bot on Telos Network

EOS Cafe Block is again hitting the headlines; this time, it is hoping to make it really big. It has come up with a new Telegram bot called Blocks.io Tip Bot, which is meant to allow its users to tip other users in EOSIO tokens like SOV, BET, EOS to name a few, thereby making it available in various Telegram Charts. The proposal for the Telos Telegram Tip Bot was submitted on September 26, and it got a 99.28% positive response from the supporters and finally got approval on October 25.

EOS Cafe Block is a popular Block producer for the EOS blockchain. It aims at making a user-friendly blockchain for the users. Talking about the launch of this new telegram bot, the head of the EOS Cafe, Mr. Syed Jafri, commented,

Our goal is to create fastest and most reliable block explorer for the community as a way to engage with others and keep them informed about the EOS network.

Bloks.io is a tool that allows anyone to view relevant information about transactions, blocks, and accounts that are synced on the blockchain platform. With the launch of the Telos Telegram bot, tipping the Telegram users with TLOS has become very easy. After Telos went live, it attracted several investors who wanted to contribute to the bot. This fund received from the Telos helped in the development of Bloks.io Tip Bot to become a multi-chain platform. It also eliminated the unnecessary cost of the servers that compensated the running cost of the bot on the Telos network.

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