EOS dApps are Now on the Multi-Currency Storage Protocol ‘Infinito Wallet’

It seems like EOS Blockchain is ready to overstep its long-standing adoption challenge which was the result of the technical nature and the accused ‘ nonfriendly nature’ of the platform.  The Eos (EOS) blockchain is among the largest blockchains on the international scale. It is in close competition to Ethereum when it comes to offering a platform for the creation of dApps.

The technical makeup of the platform was hindering the complete adoption of the platform since quite some time, but with the recent addition of the EOS dApps on the latest update of the Infinito Wallet, Eos is all set for greater success.

Apart from the well celebrated gambling dApps by EOS such as Big Game, PokerKing, EOSBet, FarmEOS, FastWin, EOSHash, and QuickWin; there are many more exciting dApps that EOS has in store for you. For instance, you can check out the PRA CandyBox dApp, EOS’ EOSKnights mobile game dApp, Karma and so on. Due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies, there are platforms that allow players to gamble using crypto. In recent years, Gamers have increasingly started gambling using cryptocurrency. Check out here to know more about crypto gambling in detail and learn about using cryptocurrencies in the gambling sector.

Further, the EOD dApps are added on the App Store where you also have access to Infinito wallet users. Here you can download, use, upload the decentralized applications which are created on the EOS Blockchain. According to the reports obtained from cryptobriefing.com, the press release from the Infinito states-

“According to a press release, the dApps now supported by the Infinito Wallet platform are:

  • DEXEOS: A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange is leveraging the EOS token as a base pair.  All tokens built on the EOS platform will also be available for instant transfer at competitive rates. KYC steps are not required to begin trading on DEXEOS
  • EOS Account Creator: A new way for users to begin interacting with the EOS interface.  In three easy steps; simply launch the app, set an account name to get private keys auto-filled, and use a crypto credit card to pay.
  • PRA Candybox: The most popular EOS token distribution solution, PRA Candybox is a platform providing financial services through the EOS network such as airdrops and storage.”

The reason why the EOS Account Creator was created is to ease up the issues that are related to the interaction of the EOS development community. Now there is an interactive interface on the EOS blockchain that will provide far more effective, high performing, and most importantly a user-friendly environment for the users to enjoy the EOS blockchain platform. Now the process is as simple as- opening the app, creation of the EOS account name, and getting their private keys. That’s all the user needs to connect their crypto credits and debit cards to make payments on EOS blockchain.

The newbie on the platform will be able to enjoy a smooth blockchain experience. Further, in the press release, special attention was laid on the importance of the release of the EOS dApps. Here is an excerpt from the press release-

“Infinito team has added this service for users to be able to easily join the EOS ecosystem and benefit from all features of the EOS blockchain right inside the Universal Wallet. […] You can create an EOS account right inside Infinito App Square and never have to risk using obscure or even fraudulent services found online. Infinito team has added this service for users to be able to easily join the EOS ecosystem and benefit from all features of the EOS blockchain right inside the Universal Wallet.”

The wallet users will get to create their EOS accounts on App Square. The accounts also offer special security for their identities and protection against any malicious activity. With time more and more features will be added on the Infinito wallet. We may soon see EOS voting and much smoother management of the portfolios. The Infinito wallet offers three main types of apps for users. They are apps for users, apps for the developer community and apps for business, on the App Square.

On the other hand, yesterday according to the reports obtained from CCN, the cross chain integration focused Ethereum fork- Wanchain has recently announced its support for the EOS. This will have a good effect on the exchange’s token use and mass adoption via Blockstream’s Liquid product.

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