EOS (EOS) Is The Second Among The Top 5 Crypto Performers And Is Not Expected To Shrink Even If The Bearish Trend Persists

EOS is a blockchain technology that is built on Ethereum and conceptualized by Dan Larrimer, the creator of Steem and BitShares. EOS has parallel processing that allows parallel functioning of things with faster transaction speed and more scalability. It constitutes of a set of rules with which its community members abide. EOS is pretty similar to a decentralized operating system. This implies upon the fact that developers can build applications on EOS platform.

Current status of EOS:

Market rank: 4

Current trading value: $4.59 USD

Present market cap: $4,333,745,845 USD

Circulating supply: 943,783,390 EOS

Price analysis of EOS:

EOSOn the basis of the above chart, it is cleared that EOS is currently getting traded at $4.59 or 0.00087488 BTC (UTC time 09:02). Its present market cap is worth of 4,330,782,371 USD with a 24h volume of 1,903,652,934 USD. The same chart shows that towards the end of March 2019, EOS had a trading point of 4.26 USD. So, within this period, the value of EOS has been raised by 7.74% with 3.66 USD as a good support resistance level.

Future price predictions of EOS:

Recently, a joint venture of FInlab AG and Block.one, has inspected $5 million in a freelancing website, named as Moonlight. It has more than 700,000 users. The website will now migrate its users to the EOS blockchain. Apart from this great update, EOS is a perfect enabler to help engineers and developers build decentralized applications. The finance savvy and the tech-savvy investors are finding great interests with EOS blockchain for its amazing block one technology. We think that EOS, if maintains its stability, can reach $15 by the end of this year.


EOS is a promising cryptocurrency, and it has been maintaining its stability for a long time. It is definitely worth investing in this crypto for having good returns in the future.

Roxanne Williams

Roxanne Williams has recently joined as a market reporter for CryptoNewsZ - the 24/7 crypto news site, where she produces recent stories, technical analysis and price updates on world's leading cryptocurrencies.

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