EOS (EOS) Price Analysis: EOS Recovered Its Loses And Became The Largest Gainer Among The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies

EOS is a blockchain cryptocurrency that uses delegated Proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. This coin went on sale on 26th June 2017. Just like Ripple, EOS can do millions of transactions per second compared to Ethereum’s 20 TPS and Bitcoin’s 3-4. The block one platform of EOS enables 50,000 transactions per second, leveraging the smart contracts. It raised 4 billion dollars from its yearlong ICO.

Current status of EOS

EOS is currently getting traded at USD 5.29 (UTC time 06:53). With a market cap of USD 4,791,714,870 and a circulating supply of 906,245,118 EOS, it is the 6th largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Price analysis of EOS

EOS The above chart shows that EOS is currently getting traded at 5.27 USD or 0.00104275 BTC (UTC time). It has a market cap of 4,774,983,582 USD with a 24h volume of 4,832,921,714 USD. The same chart shows that approx. One month earlier, EOS had a trading point of 3.73 USD. So, within this period, the value of EOS has been raised by 41.28 USD. 3.80 USD has provided a good support resistance to this present bull trend of EOS.

Future predictions of EOS

Wallet investor thinks that Investing in EOS can be a great idea as they assumed that by 2023, it could be as high as $911. But, at the same time, they also told that EOS could get down to $0.720 by 2019 end. Ordinary Rich, one of the Steemit Writers, assumed that EOS could trade around $20 by 2019 and he also told that it could even experience 60% more capitalization that ETH in this year. Trading Beasts predicted that EOS could be around $9.08 by 2019 end and it can reach a maximum low of $6.17 in this year. They told that EOS could touch $10 mark by 2020.


EOS is perfect crypto that helps engineers and developers to build decentralized applications. Because of its amazing block one technology, tech-savvy and finance savvy investors take great interests in it.

Scott Cook

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