EOS Exhibits Bull Run and Touches $4.10

EOS is among the top cryptocurrencies in the market. Some time ago, EOS was seen dealing with market pressure. The entire market was suffering in that period. Well, the upsurge began and gave the altcoins an opportunity to improve. EOS grabbed the chance and took a long jump. The price is dealing at $4.1055 with the market cap $3,810,396,563.

EOS Price Analysis & Predictions

Yesterday, the coin opened with an upsurge. The currency jumped from $4.0392 to $4.0846 by 1.12%. Immediately after the uptrend, the price fell from $4.0846 to $4.0270 by 1.42%. Further, it took the high road and jumped from $4.0193 to $4.1003 by 2.02%. The escalation continued as the EOS price switched from $4.04 to $4.15 by 2.79%. The second half brought the downward movement in price but still managed to close the day at $4.0858 with an intraday progression of 1.15%. Today, EOS again opened with an upsurge. The hike was of 1.78%. The price switched from $4.0858 to $4.1585.

EOS Price Chart
EOS Chart by TradingView

EOS has been dealing around $3 for almost a month. The currency started giving positive vibes from the beginning of the month. It took almost 15 days to catch up the upsurge. The price is now around $4, and we are quite positive that it would soon touch $5. The 24-hour volume is at $1,931,102,544. There are 931,919,241 EOS coins currently circulating in the crypto market.

As per the current trend, the coin is likely to cross $6 mark by the end of the year. EOS is good for long-term traders as the same might give the maximum result in this period.

Roxanne Williams

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