EOS Moves with a Moderate Speed and Hovers Around $3.70

The crypto market is not showing much movement. Yesterday, the market cap was at $26 billion and today, also it is at the same level. Many coins in the market, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple have also attained the same momentum.

EOS is also moving with them and is hovering around $3.7. Yesterday, the coin was at the same level too. Yesterday, the opening price was noted as $3.72 USD, and the closing price was indicated as $3.72 USD.

EOS Price Analysis & Predictions

From the past 5 days, we can observe that the EOS price has slipped. The fall began yesterday with a slight change in the price. The counters jumped from $3.7618 to $3.7575 by 0.13%. The fall kept taking the price down and touched $3.6959. The regression marked was of 1.64%. In the second half, EOS started recovering and escalated by 1.26%, and the price jumped to $3.7387. With a marginal intraday loss of 0.61%. Today, EOS has again marked a fall of 0.79%. The currency dropped from $3.7387 to $3.7092.

EOS price
EOS Chart By TradinView

EOS is a result-yielding coin. It was disturbed by the recent drop, but the time before that was quite promising. It is speculated that it would surge soon, and the price would cross $4 before closing the year. The market cap is noted as $3,448,985,003. There are 931,667,989 EOS coins circulating in the market.

Looking at the data, it seems like EOS would have a flourishing future. The coin would be best suited for long-term investors. The given time period would help the investors book a colossal profit.

Roxanne Williams

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