EOS Network Ventures to invest $20M to the EOS EVM and GameFi projects

Per an announcement made by Yves La Rose, the Chief Executive Officer of EOS Network Foundation, the Foundation has committed an investment worth $20 million into $EOS EVM. This empowers the EVM to onboard a larger number of developers from GameFi and EVM projects.

It has been the fastest network in the industry, and the fact that it just got backed by such a large investment literally makes it unstoppable now. Rose then announced EOS is officially open for business.

The community has expressed excitement over the announcement, with one of them saying that this will unlock a new level of creativity. True, depending on which developer secures the investment and how well they execute the projects. Resources will be available, courtesy of the investment, and it is now purely how innovative an idea is. Douglas Horn, however, has sought to talk after it goes live on the mainnet.

Meanwhile, the excitement for a $20 million investment from EOS Network Foundation remains at the center of the stage. The project is set to launch on April 14, 2023, and has its eyes set on redefining the limits of possibilities with EVM.

The Foundation is expecting a large number of GameFi developers to take advantage of the opportunities and build something on the network. The ultimate goal is to establish the EVM as the leader of the market. EOS EVM is up for the game, and they have 20 reasons why developers should head over to the network.

EOS Network Foundation is the hub of the EOS Network that leverages the power of decentralization to drive positive change across the globe. It is currently waiting to appear in two major events, namely Paris Blockchain Week and Game Developers Conference.

Paris Blockchain Week starts on March 20, 2023, and ends on March 24, 2023. Game Developers Conference begins on the same day but ends on March 25, 2023.

The Foundation is the backbone of the network playing multiple roles like coordinating support, developing the network, and creating better feedback between different products. Moreover, the Foundation looks into the matter of how funds should be allocated since it decides the growth aspect of the ecosystem.

EOS EVM has the highest average swap per second, with 800+ as an average. Specifically speaking, EOS EVM Swap is at 814.25 per second. The second best is Solana, with 273.34 swaps per second, followed by BSC PancakeSwap at 194.61 swaps per second.

The EOS Network Foundation is based on three core pillars – Open Source, Decentralization, and Funding.

Open Source comes into play in terms of collaborating for technology, decentralization is important to grow the community, and funding is crucial to better enhance the future of the EOS Network.

The investment could now become a turning point for the EVM, which will be able to back its developers with funding and resources. The community can surely expect a lot of innovative ideas to be airdropped in the coming days.

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