EOS Price Analysis: EOS Falls Below $5 Just To Bounce Back Soon

A new app, called GeneOS, has recently been launched on EOS blockchain by Block.One. The app is a self-sovereign personal genomics and wellness platform. It will allow users to obtain health insights generated by an algorithmic agglomeration of their DNA, laboratory, and activity data. Additionally, users will also be rewarded for sharing their genetic data for research purposes.

EOS Current Statistics:

  • On July 12, at UTC 10:39, EOS is currently trading at 4.8125 USD.
  • EOS slips by one place and is currently ranked at 7th
  • With an ROI of 368.43%, the current circulating supply of EOS is 922,885,999 chips in total.
  • Along with that, the total market cap of the crypto is 4,458,526,178 USD.
  • The 24h Volume of the coin is 2,740,547,631 USD.
  • EOS price (BTC) is at 0.00041373 BTC per chip.

EOS to USD Comparison:

EOS Price Chart - 12 July

Yesterday, EOS opened at 5.29 USD and with a substantial dip of 11.32%, it wrapped the day at 4.69 USD. If you look at the EOS chart, there was a stable motion in the coin, yesterday, especially in the early hours of the day. During that period, the coin fell a bit by a margin of 2.98%, to the level of 5.084 USD. Shockingly, at that level came a sudden fall of 13.89% and the price dropped to $4.3565. However, it soon made a slight bounce back and showed some momentum. But to a greater extent, The coin remained in the bearish zone. It made a slow movement and kept hovering around 4.7 USD. Today, the coin started trading around 4.6768 USD and at the time of penning, EOS coin was trading with a hike of 2.75%, from then.

EOS Price Prediction:

Although the coin has fallen below 5 USD, that’s not the end for the coin. It will make a bounce back soon and as per our prediction, The coin will trade around 10 USD in the long-term. The immediate support level for EOS is at 4.363 USD and immediate resistance at 5.1534 USD.


EOS chain is one of the largest ones when it comes to the number of apps being developed on it. Right now, the coin is facing a bit of unpredictability and slowdown, it will wash off soon. In addition to that, the long-term trend is still bullish.

Roxanne Williams

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