EOS Price Analysis: Trading Volume is at Peak Along with The Positive Market Sentiments

  • REX, Resource Exchange, a feature launched last month adds a unique feature to the blockchain.
  • EOS token holders can now lease out chips in exchange of Dapps or RAM fee.

EOS has seen a positive growth along with the market corrections. The latest feature, REX, also helped in enhancing its market reach out. As you can see in the chart, the 30-day duration between April 01 to May 01, there was a wave of uncertainty in the prices of the crypto. Although EOS has traded in the green zone for a brief period in that duration, the overall trends were slightly bearish. But from the 2nd week of May onwards, EOS has seen a strong jump off toward the upper side of the Bollinger chart, having the current EOS vs USD value at $8.0168.   

EOS Price Statistics:

EOS Price Chart -May 30

  • On May 30, at UTC 5:56, EOS is ranked at 5th place in crypto space, with an ROI of 684.27%.
  • Along with that, the total Mcap at the same time was $7,417,130,151 USD.
  • The circulating supply of EOS was 917,003,662 chips in total and along with that, the 24-Hour Volume of the coin was $3,756,695,069 USD.
  • Against Bitcoin, EOS was trading at 0.00092676 BTC/EOS.
  • On May 05, the altcoin was valued at $5.1355, however, today, 25-days hence, its value hiked by almost 56%.

EOS Coin Price Prediction:

For a number of whale investors, EOS is one of the preferred one of all the cryptocurrencies and this is evident from the high amount of trading volume in it. When it comes to the number of transactions, EOS chain leaves any other contender by a huge margin. So, for now, everything looks hunky-dory regarding the buying in the altcoin.

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