EOS Price Drops by 2.5%; Ushers Price to $3.49

  • EOS suffered from heavy fluctuation and slips to $3.49.
  • The volatility is expected to remain the same for the rest of the day.

EOS price movement has been improving from the beginning of the day. The traders of the coin were hoping for a heavy improvement, but the things didn’t fall into place and the coin is slipping.

Yesterday, EOS was seen touching a high at $3.67 and a low at $3.57. The volume noted in EOS was at $2,422,013,167. Now, let’s have a look at the intraday chart.

EOS to USD Price Chart:

EOS Price
EOS Chart By TradingView

Yesterday, EOS coin started the day at $3.63. The price slipped to $3.58 by 1.39% within the first few hours. Further, EOS escalated to $3.68 by 2.74%. The price couldn’t hold up longer and fell to $3.56 by 3.37%. During the closing hours, the price escalated to $3.61 and closed. The intraday price movement couldn’t bring much and registered a 0.55% regression. Today, EOS started the day with an escalation. The price went up to $3.69 by 0.52%. Later, EOS fell tremendously and touched $3.49 by 3.81%.

EOS Price Prediction:

EOS was seen registering a profit at the beginning of the year. The price started falling from the second half of the year. The market is currently behaving quite volatile so the scope of improvement is very less. The intraday traders in EOS are speculated to experience, not so profitable day. EOS price has already violated the next support level. Apparently, in some hours, the coin would breach the major support level too.

Resistance Level Price
R1 $3.67
R2 $3.72
R3 $3.77
Support Level Price
S1 $3.57
S2 $3.52
S3 $3.47


EOS is usually recommended for long term traders. Hence, we would recommend the traders to stay put for a while.

Roxanne Williams

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