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EOS Price Escalation Lures the Traders; Price Rally Seems Preponed

EOS has been dealing at $3 from quite a long time. The heavy movement in the market leads the coin to $4. However, yesterday, the market wasn’t very impressive yet, EOS was seen dealing at high digit. It touched a high at 4.02 USD and a low at 3.88 USD.

The traders interested in EOS can dig-in with an outlook of high profit. The currency would give flourishing result in the coming years. We are also expecting an improvement in the coin in today’s chart. Let’s have a look at the price chart.

EOS Intraday Price Comparison:

EOS Price
EOS Chart By TradingView

The Trading View chart is taken on September 21, 2019, at 06:55:38 UTC. Yesterday, the price started with a drop of 2.53% and the price counter changed from $3.9 to $3.8. The price kept dropping and maintained a stable position at $3.9. Towards the end of the day, there was an escalation marked in the price; counter changed from $3.8 to $4 by 3.74%. There was an intraday progression of 0.09% as EOS closed the day at $3.9. Today, the coin opened with an uptrend of 1.94% from $3.9 to $4.

During the difficult days, EOS still managed to hold itself at $3 and never went below that. The upsurge in the price has spiked hope among the traders that it would give the maximum result.

We are speculating that in the subsequent years, the coin would surprise the traders. The interested traders are recommended to opt for a long-term investment plan for a massive return on their investment.


Roxanne Williams

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