EOS Price Trend Marks a Steep Fall; Price Hovers Around $2.97

EOS is being attacked by the bears just as many of the coins in the crypto market. The price goes for a downward stride with its intraday movement. The coin was trying to book profits since the past few days, but the sudden fall has disappointed the traders. Today, the market started with a bearish trend. However, there is a slight improvement felt as the change in the coins is turning green again. The traders can expect improvement in the trading price of EOS, too, but the chances of getting a profitable intraday closing are very less.

To understand the momentum of EOS, let’s have a look at the price chart.

EOS Price Trend Marks a Steep Fall; Price Hovers Around $2.97

EOS to USD Price Analysis:

In the month of September, EOS started trading around $3.39. The coin marked a remarkable escalation as it went up to $4.2 with a few ups and downs in the path. Soon, there was a pullback in the price experienced that brought it down to $2.4 marking a regression of 41.69%. The month closed around the trading price of $3.13, with a loss of 6.12%. In the ongoing month, the price tried to move up as the counters jumped from $2.8 to $3.3 by 19.65%. However, the price got badly affected today and dropped to $2.97. The same led to a loss in the 15-days movement in EOS of 10.08%.

EOS Price
EOS Chart By TradingView

EOS is slightly moving towards the immediate support level at $2.89, with the next support marked at $2.79. In case the price improves the immediate resistance level would be found around $3.03. Here are the calculated support and resistance levels.

EOS Price Trend Marks a Steep Fall; Price Hovers Around $2.97
Resistance Level Price
R1 $3.13
R2 $3.27
R3 $3.37
Support Level Price
S1 $2.89
S2 $2.79
S3 $2.65

The coin moves at a moderate pace, usually, and thus, the best result could be observed in long run. We would recommend the traders to go for the same as the short-term investment could be dicey.

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