EOS Publishes 4 ‘blue Papers’ & Reveals Plan to Enhance the Network

The EOS Network Foundation is getting down to the nitty-gritty of revamping the EOS Blockchain. Having published a series of four Blue Papers that cover the various aspects of the EOSIO Blockchain and ways it can be improved. It announced it would work with the long-time EOS developer Object Computing Inc. (OCI) to transform the network back into the “Ethereum killer” it was originally intended to be. 

The ENF began working on the Blue Papers earlier this year, with the goal being to identify weaknesses in the EOS network and propose solutions to resolve them. The Blue Papers include Audit+, which proposes a new framework for security and contact audits for EOSIO apps. API+, a proposal to improve EOS’s APIs to ensure better usability and statistics for EOS dApps; Wallet+, which outlines new standards for SDKs and wallets; and Core+, which proposes improvements to the underlying EOSIO stack. 

The papers identify a lot of work that needs to be done, and the project’s backers are keen to get started as soon as possible. It has announced that it’s already gotten started, working with OCI, a Blockchain consultancy that has previously partnered with NASA, Rio Tinto, and Bayer, to resolve issues with APIs that were detailed in API+. 

Working with Object Computing, the ENF said its first task will be to introduce several improvements for node endpoint API users. The main problem it’s trying to address is the Transaction Lifecycle in the API. Users have long complained of a lack of tools to pass, execute and track Blockchain transactions reliably and predict resource costs (gas fees). 

The plan is to develop an entirely new API endpoint that will include tools to estimate resource usage for each transaction, reduce the rate of lost transactions, and improve its transaction tracking capabilities. 

OCI has been involved with the EOS project for a long time, previously working with former lead developer Block. One to build its original Blockchain. Block. One was later famously booted out of EOS by its community, which rallied around developer Yves La Rose and the new ENF due to a lack of progress. 

EOS, which raised a staggering $4 billion in its ICO back in 2018, has struggled to match the achievements of rival projects such as Ethereum. But with La Rose and the ENF heading the project, the EOS community has renewed confidence that the network will finally live up to its potential. 

ENF’s work with OCI will be key to that, and La Rose said the continued collaboration would add “significant value” to the network. “EOS is fortunate to leverage an experienced team such as OCI,” he added. 

OCI Principal Blockchain Engineer Brian Johnson added that he was excited by the prospect of working with ENF and that he aims to make EOS “the most performant and easy to use Blockchain in the world.”

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