EOS Records 9% Hike in a Day; Breaks Key Resistance $3

The price movement of the EOS coin is alluring. Yesterday, it opened with an upside movement. The upsurge is intact and looks like it might stay for now. If we take a look at the price movement of EOS to USD from last week, the price has been juggling between $2.9 and $3.2. The same is also indicating the constant struggle of EOS for keeping the price up. The traders are eyeing for a higher level and hence sticking around it. The coin is also expected to fulfill the same.

Yesterday, EOS started dealing at $2.9184 and escalated to $3.0017 within the first few hours. The progression marked was 2.85%. The upsurge kept intact and went up to $3.1692 from $3.0237 by 4.81%, and later, EOS coin price touched $3.2534 from $3.1222 by 4.20%. There was a slight pullback, but before closing the day, it touched $3.2548 once again and closed at $3.1884. The intraday progression was 9.34%. Today, the opening hours took the EOS price to $3.259 from $3.188 by 2.24%.

EOS Price Chart
EOS Chart by TradingView

EOS Price Prediction:

EOS has maintained its position in the market for a long time. The last quarter was disappointing for the entire market, but the loyal traders decided to stick around the crypto. We are also positive about the escalation speculation in EOS crypto. The future of the coin is anticipated to be great.

Today, the market cap is standing at $2,981,316,062. The circulating supply is at 934,946,622 EOS. The 24-hour volume is marked as $1,914,045,844. The ROI is at 209.19%.

As per the current trend, EOS is likely to escalate in the near term as it broke its past resistance of $3. It might trade around its crucial resistance level $3.62 in the upcoming days. The ongoing year is speculated to end around its 30-day high value $4.20. The traders interested in EOS should opt for long-term investment. The specified period would bring the maximum return to the traders.

Resistance & Support Levels

R1: $3.31, R2: $3.43 and R3: $3.62

S1: $3, S2: $2.81 and S3: $2.69

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