EOSfinex: a high-performance trading platform where all major exchange functionality is on-chain!

EOSfinex defined

Earlier, we had Bitfinex, and Presently, we have EOSfinex. This platform expects to make a high geared trade that consolidates the speed and adaptability of EOS.io programming with Bitfinex industry driving knowledge.

Working of EOSfinex

  • EOSfinex expects to integrate the adaptability and speed of EOS.io with Bitfinex industry driving ability, making an on-chain trade that offers quick, transparent and undecided advanced resource exchanges.
  • EOS.io, for those unaware of present circumstances, is a blockchain-based digital money platform that was started with the objective of processing a vast number of exchanges every second with minimum expenses and confirmation. Bitfinex, with an ultimate goal to improve the adaptability of its protocol level advancements and its blockchain-based exchanging platform, chose to utilize EOS.io to accomplish those objectives.
  • EOSfinex will integrate Bitfinex current trade protocol with EOS.io’s adaptability to make a great decentralized trade. Like other decentralized trades, EOSfinex will enable merchants to hold their resources while taking part in distributed exchanging. There won’t be a need to confide in a centralized intermediary, like the crypto exchange to take an interest in high-volume digital currency trading.

As a Platform, EOSfinex is made on the below components:

  • Ordering books
  • Order coordinating
  • Supervision and settlement

Even though EOSfinex is eagerly pursued trade development, actualizing the above segments on-chain has presented certain challenges, the principal challenge being highly technical.

First high-performance on-chain trade – EOS

  • Eosfinex is a high-performing, decentralized trade based on EOS.io.Innovation. The whole platform will keep running on-chain like custody, request book, and matching engine are all piece of the EOS contracts.
  • Eosfinex combines the adaptability and speed of EOS with Bitfinex industry driving knowledge to deliver an “on-chain” trade built around the quick, straightforward and unsettled platform for digital resource exchanging.
  • The hidden objective of the work on the platform is to research and absorb the abilities of the EOSIO blockchain to meet the thorough prerequisites of a high volume, blockchain-based exchanging platform.
  • With a trustless exchanging background, EOSfinex will encourage an exceedingly accessible system of shared trade value, not constrained by fringes and have worked around establishing integrity, transparency, and speed.

Innovations that make EOS as an ideal blockchain

  • There has not been a system accessible with the fundamental expense structure and performance necessities for a completely on-chain trade until EOS.
  • Using Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) systems receiving the EOS programming address the expense structure and adaptability issues are seen on other blockchain systems. Instead of staking for system assets, EOS takes into consideration the expulsion of system exchange charges.
  • Moreover, permitting block producers to spend all the more computing power on handling exchanges, for example, proof-of-work has empowered the system to keep running with decreased block spacing and fundamentally higher throughput.

These advancements make EOS a perfect blockchain for expediting all real trade segments chain.


The fundamental objective of EOSfinex is to build a completely decentralized trade that is built around three areas:

  1. Decentralization

With EOSfinex, we are progressing in the direction of accomplishing full decentralization, including on-chain request books, coordinating and settlement. The point is to convey a trustless shared exchanging knowledge and complete decentralization which is a prerequisite.

  1. Confidence

The way to a profitable decentralized exchanging experience comes through removing the requirement for trust. With EOSfinex, we are making a straightforward and auditable system of shared trade which can be checked and confirmed by members around the globe any time.

  1. Execution

Eosfinex organizes a superior performance by understanding the requests of expert traders. Eosfinex plans to imitate and exceed the present standard of digital money trades in delivering the latest standard for decentralized exchanging.

Features of Eosfinex

  • Eosfinex will at first rundown every single significant pair (EOS/USD, BTC/USD and ETH/USD) to quickly expand with an increasingly thorough token offering. The trade contract is adaptable and considers the exchanging of any token made by a particular reliable contract.
  • Eosfinex will support limit, market, quick or-drop, and only post orders. EOSfinex will take into consideration the formation of progressively complex request types dependent on client feedback and what is viewed as logical on a wholly distributed trade.
  • Because of this, Eosfinex gives us a platform to develop inside EOS and to explore inside security, execution, and adaptability. Eosfinex will modify how value is traded inside a system, and we are thrilled for the open doors this will cultivate. Separating resource trade to a straightforward method, open to all, is one of the fundamental objectives at the core of the blockchain development.


Wrap up

There are constrained data about EOSfinex accessible online as of now. All that we know originates from a recently released report in February. The report clarifies the essential objectives of the undertaking, including how it needs to consolidate the intensity of Bitfinex with the abilities of EOS.io, prompting better speed, security, and adaptability on the digital money trade.

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