Epic Games to Launch First NFT Game, Blankos Block Party

Epic Games recently announced launching its first-ever NFT game titled Blankos Block Party. Developed by Mythical Games, the game already boasts over a million players globally.

Renowned for creating Fortnite, Epic Games stands among the most well-known gaming marketplaces. Previously launched on Mythical Games’ website in 2020, Blankos Block Party is now the first Web3 title on the marketplace.

The studio announced its plans to launch the game on Epic Games Store. However, it was competing with Gala Games’ Grit to become the first Web3 game on the marketplace.

Regarding gameplay, Blankos Block Party allows users to play and collaborate in a vibrant world. Inspired by Vinyl toy culture, the game uses NFTs to represent items like accessories and avatar designs. These items can be purchased and sold throughout the game’s marketplace.

Several artists and brands have affiliated with the game, including Deadmau5, Atari, and Burberry. While NFTs are a crucial part of the game, they are not needed to play. While Blankos Block Party boasts over a million players, Epic Games also houses over 194 million users.

Its Web3 gaming approach rivals Valve’s Steam, helping new games gain optimal exposure. The previous fall witnessed Valve talking about restricting developers from publishing games using crypto or NFT.

Tim Sweeney, Founder and CEO of Epic Games, responded quickly to the announcement. Sweeney stated that while Epic Games does not intend to integrate NFTs in its operations, it will not restrict other projects from using them. The only condition they must fulfill is completely abiding by laws and marketplace guidelines.

Staying true to the statement, Epic Games launched a version of Blankos Block Party that is identical to its website version. The title is currently in early access state, with the complete version set to launch on September 28. 

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