Epic wealth: The incredible stories of regular people who struck it rich with Bitgert coin – Is it too good to be true?

The controversial blockchain initiative Bitgert has garnered media attention during the FTX crisis owing to its audacious assertions of a fast and cost-free blockchain.

Bitgert is a crypto-engineering company that has created a number of blockchain-based solutions for the metaverse, NFTs, and decentralized finance.

This group says that its mission is to use blockchain technology to solve problems and innovate in order to enhance the lives of those who use it.

But In comparison to crypto giants like Bitcoin ($1.37 Trillion), Bitgert is still a small initiative with a $149 million market capitalization.

And talking about Bigert’s future based on an analysis of Bitgert’s prices over the years since its introduction, it is projected that in 2025, BRISE will have a minimum price of approximately $$0.00000043 and a maximum price of approximately $$0.00000051.

This results in a 2025 average trading price of $$0.00000045.

History of Bitgert!

Whether Bitgert or the project’s token, BRISE, is a wise investment is debatable. As of May 12, 2023, the price of the BRISE token is an absurdly low $0.0000002781. 

With a diluted price of $380 million, the maximum supply of tokens is set at a quadrillion. This implies that a $380 million rise in the project’s diluted valuation would be required for the BRISE token to double. The price of the BRISE token rose from $0.00000001 on July 31 to an all-time high of $0.00000404 on August 13, a 40,300% rise. 

The BRISE currency is a high-performing token, as seen by its 40,497% return on investment (ROI) since launch.

History of Bitger

But what makes it different from others?

Even after burning over 134 billion tokens, the market price of Bitegrt increased by 0.06%. Burning has proven risky for many crypto coins, but Bitgert has undoubtedly benefited from it in 2024. 

It’s also said that Bitgert’s automated burning function has assisted it in overcoming the gloomy market.

Concluding thoughts

Online debate and conjecture have surrounded the Bitgert project, especially in relation to the founders’ identity, the audits it has passed, its decentralization, and its altruistic declarations.

The initiative has caused investors and analysts to become suspicious because it claims to deliver almost $0 fees and speeds of up to 100,000 transactions per second from Bitgert. 

The increased demand from European countries that are making every effort to enter the cryptocurrency industry is behind this growth. Globally, there have been headlines and waves highlighting how cryptocurrency is an incredible financial opportunity. 

And talking about the success stories of Bitgert investors, many successful crypto investors take a long-term perspective, focusing on the potential of the technology and market trends over time rather than seeking quick profits.

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