EPNS Joins Hands with IoTeX to Power IoT Blockchain Capabilities

EPNS announced the introduction of a pilot initiative to give decentralized push notifications to IoTeX blockchain customers in order to enable them to integrate IoT blockchain solutions extensively into their businesses.

The specific operational process related to this pilot project is the development of a dedicated channel for the users of IoTeX. When subscribed, this particular solution will deliver customized notifications, and this will also help the company to understand the overall needs and preferences of the users. This insightful information can prove instrumental in the development of future blockchain-based IoT products and solutions. 

The primary advantage associated with push notifications is their real-time status update that will allow both organizations and their users to keep up with the pace with the interaction happening between the IoT devices. This will also equip them to respond in an appropriate manner and also identify any suspicious patterns emerging from the exchange of information. The categories of notifications include staking rewards related to IoTeX, government notifications, and other data exchange and information related to smart contracts. The best part of this integration is that users need not bother about any kind of integration procedure regardless of the blockchain network they are on or data services or devices they are using. The pilot program’s long-term objective is to provide a notification system for future IoTeX versions. The EPNS decentralized push notification service distributes messages on time via a single point of contact, the investor’s wallet. All notifications are delivered straight to the user’s wallet, where they may act immediately. EPNS is the first on-chain, native notification service that sends all critical time-sensitive info directly to the wallet. The following are the benefits for IoTeX users:

All notifications will be sent straight to the wallets of the IoTeX users by EPNS.

The IoTeX and EPNS teams will modify the EPNS protocol to fulfill the diverse push notification requirements of DeFi data consumers and markets.

EPNS users can configure their settings to suit their needs.


Users who can simply incorporate the EPNS protocol into their wallets will anticipate push notifications to be a standard feature. In the future, EPNS aims to collaborate closely with IoTeX users to develop new messaging alternatives to satisfy their evolving needs.

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