Erol User, Chairman and co-founder of BlockchainArmy Delivers an Inspiring Speech at Innowave Summit 2019

Innowave Summit is one the top high-tech conference in Southeast Europe with a significant emphasizes on the Digitalization of public sectors and business. It focuses on Innovations in Sales, Marketing, E-Commerce, and various other sectors. Innowave Summit 2019 was organized with the help of Startup Europe (an initiative of the European Commission).

The summit intends to motivate creative and innovative thinking and aimed to make a positive impact, where the participants can exchange inspiring business models, good practices, and experience. The summit was filled with 4000 attendees, 75+ speakers, 82 percent senior management professionals, 120+ exhibitors, and experts from 28+ nations graced the occasion.

The summit was focused predominantly around the digitalization of business and the public domain. The main objective of the summit is to highlight developments in several fields. Moreover, the conference was held on 18th and 19th October, and it emphasized on accelerating the digital transformation of the Bulgarian economy.

Innowave Summit Varna 2019

At Innowave Summit Varna 2019, Chairman and co-founder of BlockchainArmy, Erol User delivered an inspiring speech to the participants. He invited all the governments, private sector, and institutions to join an Initiative S.O.S. “Save Our Space” to launch an organized space waste management.

BlockchainArmy Founder and President Erol User stated:

In order to enable innovative services for citizens and future developments in space, we must cooperate now to guarantee economically vital spaceflight. We must sustain the dream of future exploration, combining also the constant development of Technology and our awareness of the environment.

The main objective of the summit is along with the European Commission and Startup Europe; it will choose and promote 300 European Startups with the best prospects for Development. Moreover, it will also promote 20 European ScaleUps with the prospects for development.

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