ESCAPE by Nakamoto Games to make debut on Elixir

Elixir has announced its partnership with Nakamoto Games to enable ESCAPE on its platform. Both platforms are thrilled about this new partnership and are looking forward to enhancing their projects.  

Nakamoto Games, a decentralized blockchain platform and game provider, seeks to give gamers a source of income while they play blockchain-based games. While Elixir Games is a provider of Web3 gaming infrastructure to future developers, the company’s primary focus is on ensuring that these developers have access to a wide range of services that will allow them to maximize traction and effectively launch a game.

The collaboration between the two would allow Escape on Elixir Games’ on-site catalogue to be accessible. With the agreement, Escape updates would be provided by Elixir, and additional development and marketing strategy announcements would be made. In addition, their website would highlight previous and upcoming NFTs for the game.

Escape is a 3D multiplayer survival game built to develop the play-to-earn sector, an in-house feature by Nakamoto Games. With its cool graphics, intense gameplay, and ability to play with other people, Escape wants to change the way web3 games are made.


Elixir Games and ESCAPE share a vision of fostering community growth through the distribution of high-quality games to users. They want their users to enjoy and get excited about their games.

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