ETC Labs Partners with ETH Swarm for Swarm Alpha & Beta Release

San Francisco based blockchain accelerator Ethereum Classic Labs has announced that it has partnered with decentralized storage network Ethereum Swarm, for the release of Swarm Alpha and Beta. ETC Labs will provide the Swarm team with project management expertise, development resource, and project funding.

Ethereum Swarm addresses one of the major issues plaguing the blockchain industry, and that is data storage. In the official Medium post announcing support for ETH Swarm, ETC Labs stated that storing data other than transactions, like HD videos, reviews, healthcare records, etc., can be expensive on its network, and even more expensive on Ethereum.

Addressing the issue, ETH Swarm allows users to store data by submitting it in the form of transactions and allotting a unique hash to each file uploaded. The Swarm network is designed on the principles of stability, security, scalability, and self-sustainability. James Wo, Founder and Chairman of ETC Labs said that they were proud to support projects like Swarm, that are dealing with common challenges in the blockchain sector. He further added that Swarm has a strong community, and being focused on interoperability, it shares ETC Labs’ commitment to multi-chain support.

With the beta release of the Swarm Alpha Network, developers can start participating by using Swarm network API and manifesting a Bee client. This protocol provides underlying nodes for the network.  Speaking about the release of Swarm Alpha Network, Swarm Team Head, Viktor Tron said,

Viktor Tron said

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