Ethereum investors and Solana investors are attracted to Raffle Coin’s stage 1 presale amidst market chatter

Ethereum is on the decline, but it’s not alone. Cardano has also experienced sharp declines with little time in the green over the last few weeks. However, the ongoing rise of Bitcoin, now currently scaling $70,000 as of March 29 has dragged a few currencies into an upswing, including Solana. Better still, it has gotten investors searching for the next potential 100x gem ahead of the next bull run, with one candidate rising above the others: Raffle Coin. Learn why.

Ethereum In the midst of recovery

Despite its billion-dollar market cap as the closest rival of the leading cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Ethereum isn’t immune to downturns. Ever since cracking past $4,000 earlier this month, Ethereum prices bottomed out to as low as $3,000 until recovering to $3,626 as of press time on March 31st. Ethereum is up 3.7% in the past 24 hours of trading, pointing the way to a recovery and an eventual retest at $4,000. 

Solana continues a weekly uptrend

Solana has bounced back from its recent swoon to the $175 range earlier this week. As of March 31st, Solana was changing hands at $196.70 after a hot 13% increase in the past week. A retest of psychological and resistance levels at $200 is imminent, which could pave the path to Solana testing all-time highs on or before the Bitcoin halving in April. Be sure to grab a small bag.

Raffle Coin presale attracting serious investment in March

With so many surprising twists and new developments, you might’ve missed the hottest new investment opportunity: Raffle Coin combines an industry desperate for modernization prize-winning raffles and giveaways with exclusive blockchain technology. As Raffle Coin continues to announce exciting presale prizes, crypto enthusiasts have an amazing opportunity to lock in the best price at just $0.020 per token. Anyone who buys during the presale phase will be entered into a $100,000 giveaway, with lucky winners to be selected among them. 

To ensure prospective investors of a 100% fair, secure launch, the liquidity pool is locked for life, and the team’s tokens are locked for at least two years to underline the team’s commitment to building a superior product. Presale investors will be entitled to passive income in the form of a substantial revenue share. No other project tackles the long-standing need for a decentralized lottery and the best time to get in is NOW. Don’t sit out on this blue chip in 2024 join the Raffle Coin presale today.

Find out more about the Raffle Coin presale by visiting the website here.

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