Ethereum price reaches crucial turning, DigiToads presale explodes past $6.2M

Could the tide be turning for Ethereum? After plenty of stagnation over the last year or so, some investors are eager for the start of the next Ethereum bull run. And experts believe it might just be getting started. 

As one of the best blockchain investments around, Ethereum has plenty of avid fans. But did you know that there’s one other crypto that has been growing in popularity? DigiToads (TOADS) continues to break new ground during the presale, and it could soon rival many other erc20 coins or even Ethereum itself. It’s got everything needed to lead the altcoin charts over the coming months and could therefore be a crucial investment for your portfolio. Here’s why investors continue to flock to the revolutionary TOADS:

DigiToads (TOADS)

TOADS continues to welcome new investors at a rapid rate. It’s already raised over $6.2 million in just a few short weeks, a figure that keeps going up every day. So if you want to enjoy fixed price gains and next-level fun as part of its journey, consider joining the party quickly to make the most of incredible discounts. 

As DigiToads (TOADS) heads towards its much anticipated new ico launch, prices will go up from a current level of $0.047 to a final launch price of $0.055. After that, it will head onto BitMart and Uniswap and could go even higher in price. So if you want to be part of the best presale ever, and set your portfolio up for incredible long-term gains, get involved in TOADS as soon as you can.

But presale price action isn’t the only reason to invest. With a range of features that are unrivaled in the defi token world, including P2E rewards and fun, TOADS leads the way as the perfect investment opportunity. With a range of deflationary features, burn mechanics will ensure that TOADS become more scarce over time. So, consider investing immediately if you want an answer to the world’s inflationary issues. Investors continue to flock to TOADS at a rapid rate, and there’s still time left to join them if you want to enjoy the biggest potential gains.


Ethereum (ETH)

While it may remain second to Bitcoin in market cap charts, Ethereum is undoubtedly one of the most important projects in the crypto world. It’s already home to thousands of interesting projects, many of which will have a big say in the future of the digital landscape. ETH was criticized for slow speeds and high fees in the past, but this was fixed after the merge to ETH 2.0. It’s now incredibly affordable to send ETH, which improves long-term prospects for the coin. But investors are still waiting for a bull run, which is why your money might be better placed into TOADS instead.


Ethereum remains stagnant, but TOADS continues to shine. That’s why new investors flock to its incredible ecosystem every day. We think you should join them if you want to make the most of the incredible range of benefits TOADS brings to the table, and discounts are still available for a few more days. Add TOADS now and enjoy a journey to the moon.

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