ETH Staking for BSC Gets Launched on Ankr Channel

Hailing as a globally-acclaimed decentralized portal specializing in staking, Ankr Staking has announced the release of Eth2 staking protocol for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) on its esteemed cluster of supported blockchain channels. The BSC ecosystem’s continuous success and the widescale support received by the project from its global community have made it earn a spot on Ankr Staking hub. The news was circulated in the media via a Twitter post that read:

According to the report, the investors can enjoy speedy, seamless, and economical staking of their $ETH assets on Binance Smart Chain via Ankr staking tools. The integration will evolve as a potent solution for those who are struggling to deal with the exorbitantly high fees on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ankr portal has fostered support to Binance Smart Chain backed BEP-20 ETH tokens for staking services. The traders can stake their assets for as small as 0.1 ETH easily.

The BEP-20 ETH token is stored on the Binance Smart Chain, whereas the normal ETH tokens operate on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens are pegged on a 1:1 ratio. The users can redeem their aETH BEP-20 tokens as per their ETH stake on the Ankr portal. These tokens can then be used for investment in DeFi.

Presently, a trader has to invest high values amounting to $200 at times for a contract integration on the Ethereum portal. The process costs a meager $1.5 in BNB to execute a single transaction on the Binance chain. The rewards earned are similar to that on ETH as in the backdrop, the ETH is staked to Ethereum-pegged Beacon chain validators. The low costs of staking make BSC more accessible and convenient for all the investors irrespective of their capacities.

How to buy BEP-20 ETH tokens?

The traders willing to purchase BEP-20 ETH tokens can do so by the following techniques:

  • Try to withdraw your BEP-20 ETH tokens from directly to the BSC wallet supported by MetaMask security. Choose the right network for correct execution.
  • One can use the ERC-20 to BEP-20 bridge on Binance for this purpose.
  • The investors can buy the tokens from BSC-supporting decentralized exchanges such as BakerySwap easily.

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