Ethereum Classic (ETC) Indicates Flourishing Day For Intraday Traders

  • Ethereum Classic (ETC) uptrend is in the full spree.
  • The intraday traders are expected to close the day with huge profits.

The market has suffered a lot from the beginning of the third quarter. The coin was slipping, and there were hardly a few days when the coins saw a rising sun. However, Ethereum Classic was among some coin that manages to maintain the momentum. Yet, there was a substantial amount of loss registered in the coin.

Today, when the market opened with an uptrend, Ethereum Classic opened the arms. The escalation in the price is terrific. If we talk about yesterday’s price chart, the coin was seen at $6.80 high and $6.21 low. The volume marked on 2nd September was $714,610,831.

Current Statistics of Ethereum Classic:  

  • The price of the coin is at $6.73.
  • The Return on Investment is marked as 794.66%.
  • $761,817,961 is the market cap of the coin.
  • $677,873,567 is the 24hr volume.
  • 113,183,771 ETC is the circulating supply of the coin.

ETC to USD Price Comparison:

The chart is taken from Trading View on 3rd September 2019 at 08:59:08 UTC for price analysis.

ETC Price Prediction
ETC Price Chart by TradingView

Looking at the chart, we can observe that the price has started improving. Starting from yesterday, the coin opened at $6.2. The coin kept trading at the same level for some time. Later, there was a huge inclination in the price. The price counters changed from $6.2 to $6.8 by 9.37%. The intraday progression was of 7.32% as the coin closed at $6.7. Today, the coin opened with an upsurge. The price counters changed from $6.7 to $6.8 by 1.44%. The coin is currently dealing at $6.7.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been giving positive signs. According to Ethereum Classic Price Prediction and market experts, the coin is speculated to start the price rally very soon. The expectations from Ethereum Classic (ETC) are very high. The traders were under the impression that the coin gets influenced by Ethereum. But, ETC broke the myth and rose above Ethereum during the recent drop.

In the coming period, the escalation in the coin would astound the traders. The coin looks promising for long term traders. The same would help the investors book huge dividends.

Mehak Punjabi

Mehak Punjabi is a post graduate in MBA with specialization in Finance and has joined CryptonewsZ with a skill building view in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. She is dynamic and a quick learner with a hold on financial analysis.

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