Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Analysis: ETC Price Recovery Seems to Have Legs, Ethereum Classic Can Reach $10

Ethereum Classis (ETC) is moving towards recovery in price. Although the price is bearish right now, the overall momentum is giving positive signals.

As per the latest news, Ethereum Classis (ETC) will soon be launching the upgraded blockchain network named Atlantis. The company has planned to enhance interoperability amidst two blockchains to ease the migration of decentralized applications. The upgrade is likely to come in August 2019.

The news broke yesterday and has given new hopes to the investors. The upgrade will encourage the migration in the crypto market. The expectation with the hike in price is higher than ever.

Ethereum Classis (ETC) Current Market Statistics:

The price analysis of Ethereum Classis (ETC) is done with the help of Trading View generated graph on 9th June 2019, at 05:02 UTC.

ETC Price Chart

ETC Price Summary:

  • Ethereum Classis (ETC) is at the 17th rank in the cryptocurrency market.
  • The current price of Ethereum Classis (ETC) is USD 8.33.
  • The 24hr volume of Ethereum Classis (ETC) stands at USD 772,585,764.
  • The current circulating supply of Ethereum Classis (ETC) is 111,075,295 ETC.
  • ROI of Ethereum Classis (ETC) is marked at 1,007.03%.

The chart is reflecting a surge in the price of Ethereum Classis (ETC). In the May month, the price was marked around $5.87 on the first day. The price climbed gradually, and on 16th May it was trading at $8.63. The surge continued till 4th June 2019. The prices fell post the uptrend and as on 9th June 2019, the price at 05:02 UTC is $8.41. If we compare the price from the last month’s price on 9th May 2019 which was $5.7 with that of now, it will indicate a progression by 47.54% (not bad at all!).

ETC Price Prediction and conclusion:

The price of Ethereum Classis (ETC) is currently dealing with the bear. If we talk about the beginning of the year and compare it with the current price, then an enormous improvement would be detected and may again achieve it by the end of the year when the price is likely to range between $15 and $20. Moreover, the upgrade Atlantis is expected in the coming months. The said upgrade will invite more investors and hike the traffic in Ethereum Classis (ETC). Altogether, the following days are like to be brighter as the sun.

The long-term investors can go with the currency to draw huge dividends. Based on ETC price prediction by CryptoNewsZ, we would recommend a halt till August end as the prices are likely to give better result in the upcoming weeks.

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