Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Escalation Takes the Coin to $6.26; Next Target $7

Ethereum (ETC) started the day with a bullish trend. The traders in the market are quite relaxed today. The intraday trading in the coin looks flourishing; hence, the traders can dig in with a high prospect. Ethereum Classic (ETC) had a devastating week. The token was under huge market pressures which cascaded the price. The tremendous loss in the price was not less than any blow in the traders’ chests.

Well, the momentum in the price has improved. The market cap of Ethereum Classic is at $709,936,755. Let’s have a look at the price chart to understand the momentum of the currency.

Ethereum Classic Current Statistics:

The chart for price analysis is taken on 15th September 2019 at 05:38:51 UTC from Trading View.

ETC Price chart

Yesterday, the Ethereum Classic (ETC) started the day with a fall of 1.46%. The coin slipped from $6.2 to $6.1. Later, the price recovered and touched $6.2, with an escalation of 2.24%. Further, the price was found holding tight around $6.3. The day ended at $6.2 with an intraday progression of 0.83%. Today, the coin opened at $6.2 and escalated to $6.3. The progression was of 0.75%.

ETC Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Ethereum Classic (ETC) is not painting a brilliant picture with its current price movement, but it had a terrific past. The coin was often remarked for being influenced by Ethereum, but it broke the myth with the price movement. The currency is independently making its name in the market. The future seems prosperous for the coin. The 24hr volume of Ethereum Classic is at 113,478,203 ETC. The circulating supply of ETC is at 113,478,620 ETC.

The above-given data is giving us hope for a prosperous future. As per our ETC price prediction, the year is speculated to end around $8. In the coming years, ETC might be seen hovering around $12. We would recommend the traders for investing in a long term plan so that they could earn a colossal profit.

Mehak Punjabi

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