Ethereum Classic Finished Much-awaited Atlantis Hard Fork

In order to streamline the compatibility with the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) and improve its performance with altcoin, the Atlantis was consummated by the Ethereum Classic (ETC) earlier today, following the issues regarding the exchange support.

The very character of a hard fork made the update devoid of backward compatibility. This meant that individuals & businesses of the crypto arena had to update their software to ensure the safety and accessibility of the funds.

The recent reports state that finishing a hard fork of Atlantis was not an easy process. The developer relations ETC Cooperative’s director, Yaz Khoury said lengths about it in a tweet:


The final chapter of the Atlantis followed the perpetual conflicts with the fork logistics as well as the exchange representatives. The exchanges siding Ethereum Classic required advance updating of the code to keep up the error-free and smooth user experience while trading. Want to know what impact the hard fork had on ETC and how it would impact its prices? Then do visit our exclusive post on Ethereum Classic future.

Khoury congratulated the project with the development, saying:

Congratulations Ethereum classic on the successful activation of the Atlantis Hardfork! Was one of the longest debates to reach consensus along with a lot of the immutability politics Learned a lot about the beauty of decentralization and a distributed community.

According to the news report, ETC performed the Atlantis hard fork promptly aligning with the last prophecy of time required — i.e., Sept. 12 to Sept. 13, 2019, @block height 8,772,000. ETC labs in the news report said:

The community has had a number of meetings to discuss timing, scope and involvement, and we have decided on the direction and timing of the Atlantis release.

According to a new report dated June, there have been considerations to keep the hard fork at 8.75m number of the block by developers and contributors. Hence, projecting its successful running on September 15th. Although, ETC Labs ultimately increased the block number to get the estimated update through the week, while closely linked groups will be present to cater to the issues that can come up.

After the announcement, ETC has already garnered support from a gamut of industry leaders in the arena, like OKEx, a cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange announced on September 10th, its support along with the warning to handle the technical issues of the process and restore services after stabilizing the ETC main net.

The trading platform Bitfinex also joined the club announcing that it is also to support the Atlantis.

With the hard fork, Ethereum Classic Atlantis being no farther than a few days, the community is embracing its new features & functionalities along with up to 10 big ECIPs being accompanied in the upgrade. This offers compatibility as well as interoperability similar to the Ethereum hard forks, “Byzantium” and “Spurious Dragon.” The 10 of the ECIPs take care of security, zk-SNARK, having state-trie, limits in size of contract code, efficient computing, and opcodes.

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