Ethereum Classic Labs Partners with iZbreaker, to Launch its new Decentralized Application

Ethereum Classic Labs, a leading Ethereum Classic accelerator and development organization, recently reported an association with iZbreaker, well known as an invite-only, secure network for interfacing global citizens with a three-degree network of friends all over the world.

Furthermore, Ethereum Classic Labs will provide resources for development to build iZbreaker and utilize its marketing and technical skill to create and introduce the newest decentralized application. The organization will collaborate with Ethereum Classic Labs to establish reliability, content creation, and participation rewards that will encourage a variety of transactions within the network.

iZbreaker is a social media decentralized app and an invite-only, secure system whose main objective is to connect with individuals with one another throughout the world based on the friends-to-friends basis. iZbreaker will work to organize a token-based framework that will aim to support the system’s members for their reliability, content creation, and participation. Regardless, as Ethereum classic builds up its very own decentralized applications, iZbreaker will look into the development aspects and tech expertise of ETH labs to optimize them.

CEO and Founder of iZbreaker Count Erik Wachtmeister says,

The main mission of iZbreaker is to ‘amplify serendipity.’ So much of social media is about focusing on other people’s past. iZbreaker is about paying attention to our own future and capturing the opportunities around us.

iZbreaker offers features like the utilization of proximity discovery respective freemium access to a lounge, current modes, and the invite-only access to the “Club.” Moreover, iZbreaker’s platform will be ERC-20 compatible, the Ethereum Classic standard for smart contracts.

Ethereum Classic offers functionalities, like EVM, smart contracts and decentralized public ledgers that are based on a similar center code as Ethereum. Moreover, ETC Labs has built configuration suite and development tools to make it simpler and faster for engineers to build decentralized applications with a stable and secure PoW (Proof-of-Work) consensus algorithm.

Besides, Ethereum Classic is an open blockchain that gives a trusting environment with permanent records and secure, fast, decentralized transaction validation. Moreover, ETC Labs as of late disclosed “Studio,” another program that enables to launch, build, and support new ventures on Ethereum Classic. Members in the program get support and technical expertise for start-up organizations planning to construct new ventures on Ethereum Classic.

ETC labs are supported by a core development team to create interoperability functionality, development tools, and technology resources. ETC Labs provides blockchain developers the resources needed to construct socially significant, decentralized applications that are important to the traditional network core principle.

iZbreaker is the world’s first emotion-powered network that works as an invitation-only platform for finding individuals, products, places, and services. iZbreaker utilizes the blockchain to give an ecosystem that delivers the emotionally aligned and connected incentives to its partners, which includes service providers, members, and developers.

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