Ethereum Classic (ETC) Price Analysis: Slowly and Steadily, It Will Change Your Investment Figures!

On Monday, May 27th, Ethereum Classic is still showing a great upward trend each day even after witnessing some financial difficulties. Speaking of the news about the same, the execution of 51% attack on the ETC was confirmed in January which seemed like a disappointing journey. However, even suffering from massive difficulties, ETC is sustaining good ranking in the market and traders are happy to invest their capital in ETC.

It seems that the pump and dump scheme realizes its big numbers now! However, steady but growth will be witnessed in the coming months and years.

Price analysis of Ethereum Classic at 7:20 UTC time on May 27th  

ETC Chart

The value of ETC is open at 7.886 USD at 7:20 UTC time today. The return of investment is charming its percentage at 927% placing smiles on the face of the traders with positioned market ranking at number 18. The market cap today is witnessed at 855,785,295 USD along with 24-hour volume quoted at 675,654,170 USD.

ETC Chart

Comparing the price from the 1st day of the month, one can analyze that a small jerk might have witnessed some surges, which are now seen as steady growth. Till 1st week of April, the values were just sparking in red ink. But after 1st week of April, the figures are accumulative, which means that ETC will kick off slow but steady growth. From the 27th of last month, when the value was quoted at 5.403 USD, the value has shown more than 45% growth. One can see hope in ETC again. However, this time expecting rapid and sudden highs and lows might not be observed. You might have to be patient with ETC this time.

Few months or a span of years with ETC might bring steady increasing figures with your invested capital also. Just “Hang in there!”

ETC Price Predictions:

The steady growth might call for a celebration for traders, but you might want to wait a little more as it seems that soon enough 10 USD will be the value it might hit! All the plunges we witnessed are going to ride the value to something bigger. Just sit tight on your couch and let the numbers create some magic for you.


Let’s not forget that Ethereum is known to be a very influential coin (after bitcoin, of course) in the world of cryptocurrency. However, ETC might be walking steadily, but after looking at the current momentum and Ethereum Classic prediction, it seems that it might multiply your investments in the coming years.

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