Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: ETC Takes a Dig at BTC on The Power of Decentralization

  • Ethereum Classic continues emphasizing on the power of its decentralized platform; Gains support

Ethereum Classic’s long-standing battle with dethroning Bitcoin’s leadership may yield some results in favor of this coin. ETC has recently posted about the power of its decentralized platform empowering users to develop new applications on the network easily. This may bring back the focus of communities on ETC, and the current market performance of the coin will start to improve soon.

ETC to USD Price Comparison

Ethereum Classic price chart July 24
Ethereum Classic Price Chart by TradingView

The last 5-days have been a roller-costar ride for the Ethereum Classic. The coin initially started to surge from $6.009 to $6.318 and traded around the same value rising a little upwards to reach $6.268. ETC then showed a sudden jump to reach as high as $6.502 for a brief moment, and since then it has constantly been declining. First, the coin reached $5.978 and now has further dipped to trade at $5.860 as on July 24, 2019, at 04:16:33 UTC.

Current Statistics of Ethereum Classic:

  • ETC price is trading at $5.86 and 0.00060814 BTC
  • The market cap of the coin is $661,116,667
  • 24-hour volume has reached $563,618,643
  • The ROI of the coin stands at 683.07%
  • The circulating supply is noted to be 112,174,322 ETC

ETC has recorded a downtrend of 2% in the last 5 days, but the coin may recover soon. The lowest recorded value yesterday was $5.97, and it has been trading below it now, but it may rise back again to cross $6 and stay there for longer.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction & Conclusion:

ETC has been long stalling the $10 mark, but the firm is leaving no stone unturned in engaging current and new community members on the platform. This may impact the adoption of taken and Ethereum Classic may suddenly shoot up to cross $10 mark very soon.


This can be regarded as a good time for everyday trading and long-term investments in the ETC coin due to its stable movements and future credibility.

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