Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: Ethereum Classic Accelerating the Employment of Atlantis Hard Fork

  • Ethereum Classic (ETC) is employing the Atlantis hard fork before the deadline.
  • It is expected that the price of ETC would reach around $20 by the end of 2019.

In the crypto market, the one which remains updated plays for a long period. The same way Ethereum Classic (ETC) is employing the Atlantis hard fork, a major upgrade to the Ethereum Classic blockchain. This employment has been accelerated, and it is expected to be done 2 weeks before the deadline. This new update is expected to bring more functionality and stability of Ethereum Classic, and it was planned to be included after the coin faced a 51% attack this year. It also has plans to increase interoperability with the Ethereum blockchain, in order “to promote greater collaboration between the sibling blockchains.” This change will definitely bring good users’ experience. The medium-term for this coin is bullish, and the value may reach 18 USD to 20 USD by the end of this year. Let us look at the current details of the coin.

ETC Price Statistics:

ETC Price Chart


Ethereum Classic (ETC) 11th June 02:18 UTC
Rank 17th
ROI (Return on Investment) 997.25%
Coin Circulation 111,121,453 ETC
Market Cap 915,577,565 USD
Value in USD 8.25 USD
Value in BTC 0.00103619 BTC
24h Volume 658,555,840 USD

ETC Price Comparison-

Ethereum Classic (ETC) was struggling until the last week of March with a very low price. The lowest point of the coin was on 06th February at 3.7 USD. However, by the last week of March, the coin gained almost 90% in 12 days. This growth could not be sustained; it fell down suddenly losing 38.75% of its value in the next 19 days. The market cap on 11th May was 624,967,148 USD, and the value of each coin was 6.04 USD. The current market cap and the value of each coin are respectively 46.5% and 36.58% more than the figures for last month.

ETC Price Prediction-

As mentioned earlier, the medium-term is bullish for ETC. By the end of 2019, the coin may roam around 18 USD to 20 USD price level. There may not be huge ups and downs in this period.


In order to get at least 100% profit over the current investment, this is the best time to buy fresh coins. Holding for the long-term will be a good bet for investors. Therefore, to know about further possible price momentum, you must go through ETC Prediction now.

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