Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: Ethereum Classic Brings Focus Back on Decentralization to Kindle Growth

  • Ethereum Classic’s astute focus on decentralization
  • ETC token may close the week trading between $5 and $7

Ethereum Classic has taken a long time to reach $10 and heads towards bigger targets, but it may happen very soon now as the firms are focusing fully on making decentralization a reality. The users of the platform have already started promoting and preferring ETC even above BTC sometimes, and this has benefitted the crypto massively to form a strong ground. The current market performance of ETC token gives steady trends between $5 and $7 and this may change to $7 and $10 very soon.

Ethereum Classic Price Statistics:

This has been a bumpy ride for Ethereum Classic without much of the movement from the crypto. The week started with ETC (ETC to USD) trading at $5.19, but then it quickly picked up speed to rise as high as $6.17. The coin dropped to trade at $5.26 after trading around $6 for some time. It surged as high as $5.92, slumped back again at $5.47 and then again surged to $6.07. There has been an uptrend of over 14% in the last five days by ETC rising from $5.19 to its current value at $5.94 as on July 19, 2019, at 05:09:51 UTC.

Ethereum Classic price chart - july 19

  • The current trading ETC price is noted to be $5.94 and 0.00056394 BTC
  • The market cap of the coin has reached $668,170,372
  • The 24h volume is now $607,058,162
  • The ROI of the coin stands at 695.31%
  • The circulating supply of the coin is 112,052,698 ETC

ETC closed the day trading at $6.05 yesterday, and the highest value was recorded at $6.09. The value may rise further up today and reach up to $6.50 by the end of the day.

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction:

ETC has kept the traders and investors hanging for a long time, but the crypto seems to be coming around now with specific goals and targets. This may lead to the upward surge, and ETC may rise to $10 by the end of the year.


This is the perfect time to plan huge investments in the ETC token and save for the long-term benefits as the currency is already on the growth path.

Mehak Punjabi

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