Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: Ethereum Classic (ETC) Faces Price Drop Due To Market Pressure

The market opened today with a downtrend. The coin was moving upwards from last few days, but the coin couldn’t hold itself and fell on its knees. Well, the current scenario of the market is not good. Traders would be experiencing a heavy blow in their hearts. The said downtrend was unexpected.

ETC to USD Price Comparison:

The chart is taken from TradingView on 09th August 2019, at 09:24:01 UTC.

ETC Price Prediction
ETC Price Chart by TradingView

On 7th August, the Ethereum Classic opened with an upsurge of 2.58%. The price switched from $5.864 to $6.015. Later, the ETC coin fell from $6.015 to $5.852 by 2.72%. The coin closed at $5.928. The intraday escalation was of 1.12%. Yesterday, the coin again opened with an upsurge. The coin jumped by 4.42% and touched $6.189 from $5.928. The upsurge was followed with a downtrend. The price reached $6.023 from $6.189. ETC coin still managed to register an upsurge of 1.64% as the coin closed at $6.023. Today, the ETC price slipped from $6.023 to $5.779. The drop was of 4.04%.

Current Statistics of Ethereum Classic:

Particulars Ethereum Classic (ETC)
Price 5.824 USD
Rank 20
ROI 673.94%
Market Cap 655,472,470 USD
24-Hour Volume 498,826,601 USD
Circulating supply 112,571,760 ETC

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction and Conclusion:

ETC has a high prospect of improving. The future of the coin is quite promising. We are also apprehensive about the coin. The market trend would be seen recovering in some time. We are expecting that the coin would reach around $10 by the end of 2019. The traders should dig in with a long-term plan. The same would help the investors in booking huge returns.

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