Ethereum Classic Price Analysis: Ethereum Classic Expands Its Accessibility For Mass Adoption

Ethereum Classic may not be a high performing asset since quite some time now, but the firm is taking all possible measures to boost the performance of ETC coin. Recently, Ethereum Classic got listed on Switchain, which will increase the accessibility of the tokens for new users and add more activity.

Moreover, the coin has also been launched by Vertbase with new trading pairing options like US Dollar, Pound Sterling, and Euro increasing options for the traders to invest in the token. The current market statistics is going to improve as the week progresses.

ETC to USD Price Comparison:

As on July 12, 2019, at 05:00:11 UTC, ETC price is noted to be $6.61, and there has been a downtrend of over 15% in the last five days when the coin was trading at $7.78. Ethereum Classic price started falling from July 10th onwards and reached as low as $6.223 yesterday. Also, it closed yesterday at $6.63 and opened today at $6.53. Since then, it has been trading around the same range.

Ethereum Classic price chart - july 12

  • The ETC price is noted to be $6.61 and 0.00058512 BTC
  • Market Cap of the coin is $740,565,094
  • 24-hour volume is $635,741,586
  • The circulating supply is now 111,881,221 ETC
  • The ROI of the coin stands at 780.52%

Ethereum Classic Price Prediction:

ETC coin may close the day trading between $7 and $6 today and may start tomorrow on a better note. The coin has recorded a significant drop within five days and has kept traders in a long wait to reach $10. It may take another month or so to cross $10 and start trading above this value. To know more about ETC prediction, check out this article for further price prediction and price analysis.


Investors can hodl Ethereum Classic as its prices are currently low and it might reflect positive price changes in the near future.

Mehak Punjabi

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