Ethereum Classic Unveils Ethercluster, An Open-Source Alternative To Infura

Ethereum Classic announced the release of its latest project titled Ethercluster on 1st July 2019 through its official Twitter handle. The project will be an open-source alternative to Infura for not only Ethereum Classic but also other ETH-based networks, read the tweet. A detailed Medium blog post followed later in the day to divulge thorough details on ETC Cooperative’s newest endeavor.

In the blog post, Ethereum Classic has said that they were working on this project for quite some time. Continuing further, the post discloses that Ethercluster, developed by Yaz Khoury and the ETC Cooperative, is an open-source cloud architecture based on Ethereum. Yaz took to Twitter as well and posted a series of tweets to share the project updates with the entire community.

Ethercluster will allow access to the Ethereum Classic (ETC) network as well as Kotti test network instantaneously. The endpoints of both the networks can be accessed via Ethercluster website.

In addition to that, it would also be possible for users to build their own Ethercluster for any chain based on EVM simply by following the documentation provided by ETC. They have used the most advanced and infra-as-code technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform. As a result, what users will get is an architecture which is highly scalable and one that can meet the increased demand and usage in the most hassle-free manner.

Another advantage of Ethercluster is that it will serve as a design guideline for creating the scalable chain infrastructure for other networks. Moreover, one would also be able to deploy their cloud architecture with Terraform with just one command utilizing the Ethercluster documentation.

Apart from that, Ethercluster allows one to easily scale their EVM nodes so the nodes can run more as required by the decentralized applications or the community. This is possible through Kubernetes; all it requires is just a single line of command.

Revealing the reason behind coming up with their very own RPC network infrastructure was the fact that Infura did not provide an option to link to Ethereum Classic. Infura is a scalable blockchain infrastructure that offers Ethereum network access. As the post outlines, there was a prolonged wait time while actually integrating with Infura. That, along with a desire of offering users a scalable, reliable, and open-source option to Infura for both ETC and EVM-backed networks, were the primary reasons that led to the development of Ethercluster.

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