BlockDAG’s $9.3m hit gathers momentum after high-profile keynote video beats Ethereum and Stacks gains

The crypto community’s enthusiasm over the anticipated approval of an Ethereum-based ETF has significantly diminished following the Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) deeper investigation into the Ethereum Foundation.

Despite worries about Ethereum potentially being classified as a security, the price of Ether has maintained its strength, positively influencing the market, including numerous altcoins. Notably, STX’s value has skyrocketed, reaching an unprecedented peak. The initial coin offering (ICO) landscape is thriving as well, with BlockDAG (BDAG) leading the pack, having raised over $9.9 million after a compelling presentation in Tokyo.

Increased SEC Oversight Causes Ethereum Security Alarms

The SEC’s enhanced focus on the Ethereum Foundation has sparked debates about Ethereum’s classification as a security. This heightened scrutiny, involving requests for documents from U.S. companies related to their interactions with the Ethereum Foundation, could affect the likelihood of an Ethereum ETF’s approval.

Increased SEC Oversight Causes Ethereum Security Alarms

Following Ethereum’s shift to a Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism with “The Merge” in September 2022, which transitioned the network from a high-energy model to a more eco-friendly approach, the SEC’s attention has intensified, contemplating whether Ethereum should fall under securities regulation. 

Despite these regulatory challenges, Ethereum’s value has slightly grown, with a 0.16% increase in the last 24 hours, reaching $3,567.56.

Stacks Achieves Record High With Nakamoto Upgrade 

Stacks (STX) stands out among the week’s top crypto performers, witnessing a dramatic increase in token price by over 30%, culminating in an all-time high of $3.65, propelled by the Nakamoto network upgrade’s approval. The excitement around Stacks has been fueled by the Stacks Foundation’s announcement that the Nakamoto upgrade garnered support from over 2,700 accounts, with backing from more than 150 million STX tokens.

Stacks Achieves Record High With Nakamoto Upgrade

The Nakamoto testnet is scheduled to become operational on March 25, with full deployment expected by the end of May. This update promises quicker block times and improved network security, ensuring Stacks transactions are as irreversible as those on Bitcoin. STX’s price has impressively surged by 125% since the beginning of the year despite a slight dip from its peak of $3.36.

BlockDAG, The “Kaspa Killer,” Raises Over $9.9M

BlockDAG, The Kaspa Killer, Raises Over $9.9M

After its impactful presentation on Shibuya Crossing’s digital screens in Tokyo, BlockDAG (BDAG), a groundbreaking Proof of Work (PoW) project inspired by Kaspa, has made a significant entry into the ICO scene. The presentation’s success led to a substantial influx of investments, with the presale raising $9.9 million so far.

Distinguished by its sophisticated hybrid consensus mechanism derived from Kaspa’s DAG protocol, BlockDAG ensures unmatched security and boasts a transaction confirmation speed of 10 blocks per second, with ambitions to escalate to 100 blocks. Moreover, the project aims to launch its mainnet within six months, a bold move in an industry accustomed to multi-year development cycles.

Investors acquiring BDAG at the price of $0.003 are looking at a potential 2400% return on investment upon its launch at $0.05.

In light of the remarkable interest from early investors and the rapid accumulation of $9.3M, BlockDAG has unveiled a $2 million mega giveaway for 50 fortunate community participants. To win, engage with BlockDAG’s social media, submit your wallet address, complete various tasks to enhance your odds, and refer friends for extra entries.

Closing Note

Optimism surrounding the ETH ETF has waned amid growing apprehension about Ethereum’s classification as a security. Nevertheless, despite regulatory hurdles, Ether’s price remains stable. Meanwhile, Stacks (STX) has achieved a historic high of $3.65 following the Nakamoto network upgrade, anticipating further advancements.

Kaspa Killer -BlockDAG

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