Ethereum Foundation mailing list leaked due to SendPulse vulnerability

A mailing list breach has occurred at the Ethereum Foundation due to vulnerabilities in its email automation solution, SendPlus. This feature is essential and implemented by the organization. A hacker exploited this advantage and sent fraudulent emails from [email protected], specifically targeting the subscribers.

Following the incident, the entity has disconnected all forms of communication with the mailing list. Users have been advised to refrain from accessing any URL sent via email. The mailing list provider that the EF employs has been affected in terms of the mailing address. Fraudulent emails have also been reported to have been received by users.

Phishing threats and breaches are becoming an almost regular affair, with the Co-Founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin’s X account, being exploited by hackers. Their modus operandi was posting a false NFT giveaway, making users click a fraudulent link, which resulted in a loss of $800,000. Buterin afterward verified that the hack was the outcome of a SIM swap attack.

Not so long ago, CoinStats, a crypto portfolio tracker, mentioned that it had witnessed a phishing breach impacting 1,590 crypto wallets, accounting for 1.3% of its entire amount. The company was compelled to close its shutters regarding the application. 


In addition, Yu Xian, the founder of SlowMist, revealed that the TON blockchain ecosystem had become a favorable target for phishing attempts due to increased interest. Telegram accounts, too, are being targeted. 

Trevor Holman

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